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favorite products for congested skin, red lipstick //

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While the Carrie Bradshaw in me loves to see my money hanging in my closet as much as the next girl, the most important thing we can invest in is ourself and our skincare. Self-care is literally life, and it doesn’t matter how fabulous an outfit is if I feel like crap in it. Our days don’t start when we’re getting dressed and headed out the door, they begin when we roll out of bed and take that first look in the mirror. And when I’m stressed, over-traveled, and overworked, I usually see dull, unflattering skin. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s hard work to keep up with a rigorous skincare routine. But it still needs to be done. That being said, here are my favorite products for congested skin.

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favorite products for congested skin, red lipstick //

1. Exfoliators

One of the biggest causes for an excess blemishes and dark spots are because of dead skin. When it comes to exfoliating, the power lies in resetting the skin. A textured scrub allows you to work your way through the top layers of your skin containing most of the dead skin cells, and make way for the new and softer skin underneath. Exfoliators are good for reviving the skin, and also help to take care of oily skin as well. I would recommend exfoliating twice weekly.

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3. Masks

With sheet masks, charcoal, and collagen, there’s something fun for everybody. Face masks are great tools to give our skin a break. They protect our skin by shielding it from the outside world while also managing to submerge our skin in all of the moisturizing supplements our skin so desperately craves.

4. Spot Treatments

Does anybody else touch their face when they get stressed? While completely understandable, constantly touching your face is quite awful for the skin. We have millions of germs and bacteria living in our hands at all times, so transferring those onto our faces is a sure way to result in an acne outbreak. That’s where spot treatments come in handy. It penetrates a certain area of the face and reduces inflammation quick. Below are my favorites!

2. Serums

To put it simply, a serum is where magic, oil, and moisturizer all come together. Serums don’t defeat the purpose or need for moisturizer, but what it does do is make sure that your skin is nourished with the most potent ingredients as you go about your routine. Our skin loses a tone of moisture and nutrients throughout the day so rejuvenating the skin is a necessary part of our morning and evening routine.

favorite products for congested skin, skincare tips //

favorite products for congested skin, skincare tips //

favorite products for congested skin, skincare tips //

favorite products for congested skin, skincare tips //

5. Peeling Pads

New skin, who this? Guys, that’s what we’ll all be saying once we get our hands on a good exfoliator! Be careful though, because too much exfoliation can also be harmful. Exfoliators strip the face of all moisture, and too much dryness can have adverse effects as well.

So, the next time you have a breakout, don’t panic, try the products above and let me know what your favorites are below.

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