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Sleeper Pajamas (Sold out, similar set here and here)

Looking stylish is always one of my top priorities as an influencer, but there are definitely times when comfort comes over fashion. If all you want to do these cold spring morning is roll yourself up into a cocoon, I’m happy to share that there are great loungewear pieces you can wear out to achieve that. In case you missed the memo, loungewear is the new day-wear – and if I can show up somewhere in luxe pajamas, I’m sure you can too. Several of you guys asked about my favorite loungewear sets recently, so I’ll be sharing those key pieces for dressing cozy from head to toe on my days off.

loungwear pieces you can wear out, silky pajama set //


Comfort has slowly been taking over my wardrobes, so I figured – why not just wear pajama sets? From nightgowns to matching sets, pajamas are all growing trend, so there’s no need to feel shameful if you’re stepping out in a luxe pair of PJs. I’ve done this plenty of times while traveling. If you’re looking to try your hand at it, I would recommend going for a silky set because they tend to look more expensive and less lazy. Or just keep your pajama shirt on and swap the bottom for jeans. Solid colors or stripes are easier to get away with; however, there’s nothing wrong with cheeky prints. Your choice of shoes is key as this will tie the whole look together. As you guys probably know, kitten heels or pointed-toe mules are your best bet. Pant sets are also better off than short sets or chemises!

Jogger + Sweater Set

Along with PJ sets, I’m a huge fan of jogger and sweater sets. One of the brands I feature time and time again is Wildfox – they have the cutest selection of sweaters and zip up hoodies (like this one here and here). Not only are they so fun to wear out, but they’re are soft, comfy, and cozy for getting things done around the house or for just kicking back! As the saying goes, sweats – but make it fashion! Another one I want to shout out is CottonOn! I have always loved their basic pullovers and knits. Their hoodies are large and thick which makes them easy to just throw on over everything and stay warm!


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Perhaps the easiest way to rock loungewear as daywear is with a robe. Silky ones will look the least like loungewear – and resemble that of a kimono. However, I can’t deny how much I love both the fuzzy and thinner cotton ones, depending on the season.

Base Layers

Two general loungewear brands for base layers that I am obsessed with are Skin and Micha Lounge. They have pretty much anything you would need to feel comfortable. What I love about Skin is that their pieces are so thin and comfortable and feel deliciously free to lounge around in. They have all kinds of basic, minimal tops, from sexy bodysuits to tanks. They look great with any of the sets above – but can also be worn with jeans. Micha Lounge has super cute matching tracksuit sets that can be sneakily worn out of the house as well if you have to run a couple of errands but want to stay in your pajamas.
white knit pullover, tibi pullover sweater //

loungwear pieces you can wear out, floral leggings, loungewear as streetwear //


My only hesitation about leggings is that once I put them on, it’s hard for me to get them off – from a mental and emotional standpoint. Fortunately, I think they’re perfectly fine for a brunch or grocery run – and especially traveling. My favorite leggings are from Commando and Spanx. You can literally style them in a million ways with different tees, sweaters, and jackets.

How do you guys feel about wearing loungewear at streetwear?

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