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Jessica Wang wearing a giambattista valli floral gown while sharing her favorite lingerie trends // Jessica Wang -

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Admittedly, one thing that never fails to make me feel sexy and beautiful is when I wear a high-quality set of lingerie. Even if no one happens to see it aside from me, it does wonders when it comes to boosting my confidence. Of course, a lot of it comes down to nailing down the right fit and finding the perfect blend between sultry and comfortable. Which brings me to today’s blog post – I wanted to highlight some lingerie trends and styles that I tend to lean toward. After all, we all should enter 2022 feeling more beautiful in our own skin than ever. And Valentine’s Day happens to be just around the corner. So if you are ready to take a deep dive into undergarments, here are some irresistible lingerie trends to spice up your everyday life.

Jessica Wang wearing a lace bodysuit with a leather skirt while sharing her favorite lingerie trends // Jessica Wang -

A Little Lace

Starting off with the classics, lace lingerie will always be my number one choice when it comes to both bras and underwear that make me feel some type of way. Over the years though I, unfortunately, learned that lace lingerie is not necessarily an area where you would want to skimp out on quality since it is so delicate and could easily rip if you are not careful. If you fall in love with beautiful lace lingerie, I highly recommend ensuring it is a brand that specializes in undergarments so you are not throwing money down the drain. Some of my favorite lingerie shops are Cosabella, Kiki de Montparnasse, and Victoria’s Secret.

Jessica Wang wearing a prada blazer and skirt set with a yellow bra top while sharing her favorite lingerie trends // Jessica Wang -

Jessica Wang wearing a lavender blazer with a colorful bra top while sharing her favorite lingerie trends // Jessica Wang -

Colorful Lingerie

If you know my sense of style at all, you know that I am one to dress up in ultra bright colors. Bold hues make me feel immensely happy and this trickles down to what I happen to wear underneath my outfits as well. Colorful lingerie is not only fun, but incredibly flattering! It is a way to express yourself from the bottom up. Of course, just be conscious of wearing bold colors underneath lighter outfits. Some of the hues I have been most excited about choosing from my lingerie drawer are definitely classic red, punchy lime green and pretty shades of pink.

jessica wang wearing  lingerie trends featuring a lace bodysuit // Jessica Wang -


I love a good one piece and this includes lingerie too. Bodysuits are not only a two-in-one item but there is something incredibly alluring about them. Plus, if you opt for a one piece that offers a bit more coverage, you can totally get away with wearing it out and about too. Style it underneath a blazer or pair it with some sweatpants for an elevated work-from-home outfit – the possibilities are endless. I went ahead and linked some foolproof bodysuits below for you to shop.

jessica wang wearing  lingerie trends featuring a knit bustier // Jessica Wang -

Corsets and Bustiers

Lately, corsets have been trending as spunky tops to wear for nights out or to channel the trending Y2K aesthetic but I also adore them for wearing underneath looks too. Corsets are incredibly sexy and manage to give you that extra oomph on top that I cannot get enough of. They also have this incredibly vintage inspired charm that I tend to really gravitate towards, so I wanted to include corsets in this post as they are one of my favorite lingerie pieces to invest in. Of course, like the aforementioned bodysuit, bustiers are something that can double up as both lingerie and as a top!

jessica wang wearing  lingerie trends featuring a ruffle dress // Jessica Wang -


The last irresistible lingerie look that I have been drawn to recently is anything with a little bit of ruffle. It adds a really lovely aesthetic to anything it embellishes. Ruffled bras, panties and one-pieces also tend to exude romance, while also being a little bit demure and coy. I think this lingerie trend is perfect for when you want to feel extra girly and feminine, which is perfect for the upcoming V-day holiday. Linking some ruffled lingerie pieces below!

What lingerie trends have you been wearing to spice up your life lately?

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