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fashion blogger jessica wangs wears retrofete romper and shares ways to support your community in times of crisis // Jessica Wang -

2020 has been an incredibly insane year to say the least, but the past week has especially been heavy on my heart. I contemplated sharing something rather controversial on my platform, but I’m realizing that if I stay silent, I’m part of the problem. So today, I wanted to address some of the things I strongly feel about and also urge you all to support. Within a matter of weeks, our Black community faced several injustices of “casual” police brutality – as seen in the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and recently George Floyd. These events don’t just set us back decades, but it sickens me in every way. If there’s ever been an appropriate time to demand justice, it’s now. Below, I’m sharing some of the ways you can support your community in times of crisis.

fashion blogger jessica wang wears blue jumpsuit and shares ways to support your community in times of crisis // Jessica Wang -

1. Sign petitions

As an immigrant and minority in the US, I know that I may not fully understand its rich history, but I know that I inherited its legacy. The Black community fought and paved the way for our rights and equal treatment in America, which ultimately opened the door for immigration. So, if you’re a minority – and particularly an immigrant, I truly feel that you have a duty to take a stand and sign a petition – HERE. This site also has a good list of active petitions worth signing!

Online petitions can be effective because they tell the media there is enough public attention to publish a story – and they can spur additional action and raise money.

2. Make a donation

If you’re looking to contribute a little more more, then consider making a donation. Here’s a link of good places to donate to. I want to state that while I support protesting, I don’t condone tearing down your own community, especially vandalizing POC-owned business. So, if you don’t believe in donating to the protestors who were arrested, at least donate to the Black-owned businesses that were affected by the looting and the victims.

3. Use your platform, use your voice

I honestly feel that it is my responsibility to be an anti-racist mother and member of my community, which is why I’ve chosen to use my blog and Instagram to support this cause. I encourage you guys to continue to post, share, and like content in support of #BlackLivesMatter. Remember that supporting #BlackLivesMatter is not discounting any other lives, but rather acknowledging the oppression and undervaluing of Black lives in this country up until this point. Beyond social media, hold your friends and families accountable, call out racism, and have conversations even if it makes people uncomfortable.

4. Support Black-owned businesses

Supporting Black-owned businesses are an effective way to strengthen local economies, give back to the community, and helps celebrate Black culture. If you don’t know where Black-owned businesses are, a little Google search can come in handy. For those of you in the NYC area, check out these directories here and here.

5. Educate yourself even after the storm

Finally, I think one of the best ways to support your community in times of crisis, is to stay educated – even if you think you know the history of Black Americans. After doing my own research, I found some great resources (here and here). I won’t say too much here because I don’t feel like I’m qualified to dive into the details and experiences of our Black community.

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this – and how you plan to support your community in times of crisis!

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