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jessica wang wears gray gucci suit and shares how to set goals and achieve them // Jessica Wang -

jessica wang wears gray gucci suit and shares how to set goals and achieve them // Jessica Wang -

jessica wang wears gray gucci suit in a flower garden and shares how to set goals and achieve them // Jessica Wang -

jessica wang wears gray gucci suit with maryjane platforms and shares how to set goals and achieve them // Jessica Wang -

Since it is the inception of a new year, I am sure a lot of you have come up with resolutions for 2021. Although I did set new intentions, I’m a big believer in not waiting for the turn of a new calendar year to start making changes. If you want to achieve something that badly, then you start right now at this very moment. That said, the hardest part about achieving any goal and resolution is being consistent and sticking with them. So, today’s blog post is going to be all about how to set goals and follow through to the very end.

jessica wang wears gray gucci suit and shares how to set goals and achieve them // Jessica Wang -

Identify Your Intentions

Of course, the first step is to identify what your goals are. Sitting down and defining exactly what you want to achieve is crucial for getting into the right mindset so you can continue to grow. In this case, the more precise your goals are, the better. For instance, if one of my goals was to save more money, I would go as far as writing down a specific, obtainable number I can pocket and save each month. Rather than just telling yourself the vague, general promise of putting away more money, an actual figure to work towards will be better motivation in the long run. Do not be afraid to tackle more than one goal too!

Craft a Success Plan

Now that you have identified what exactly your intentions are, it is time to craft a detailed plan. This is the most important step in terms of achieving success because you are laying down the building blocks. Going back to my example of saving money, in this step, I would identify every single actionable thing I could do that would help me achieve the financial goal I set.

You could craft a plan that includes everything from ordering less take out to finally securing that promotion for a major boost in pay. After creating a master list of steps you need to follow, go a little further and assign levels importance to each so you know where to spend your energy on a daily basis.

Also, remember to start small – even if that means saving $10 per pay period, ordering one less coffee cup each month, or adding one extra serving of veggies to your meals. Over time, you’ll notice that it’s the small things that make an impact and it’ll motivate you to level up and go another step deeper.

Utilize Tools

Here is where we lose a lot of people… Many individuals get this far in the goal process but their success plans become out-of-sight and out-of-mind, as the daily nuances of everyday life take over and intentions get lost. I urge you all to remember that you owe it yourself to put some time and effort in so you can follow your dreams.

That is why this step involves investing in whatever tools you need to help you achieve success. Whether it is as simple as using a planner to write down any action items, referencing an excel sheet on a consistent basis, or even investing some money into an updated camera because your goal is to work on your Instagram account. Whatever your goals are, make sure you are utilizing the right tools to help you get closer to the finish line.

Work New Habits Into Your Daily Routine

I find that I’m more likely to stick to my goals when they become a part of my daily life. For instance, if your goal is to save money, you stash away some cash every pay period. If you want to incorporate more headspace into your day, maybe you meditate for 5 minutes after brewing your morning cup of joe. If you want to practice gratitude, that might be journaling at night for 5 minutes before bed.

Whatever your goal is, work it into your daily routine so that your thoughts become actions that turn your goals into reality.

Reap and Reward

No two success plans are going to be the same as we all have different goals to achieve and different ways in obtaining them. However, one thing in common about each, is that it takes consistency and a lot of work. As I mentioned earlier, you owe it yourself as an act of self-love to sacrifice money, time, effort or whatever it may be to at least try and reach your original intentions. As you craft your plans and work towards your goals, visualize the end result often and imagine how fulfilled or accomplished you’ll feel once you’re there. It always helps in going the extra mile.

Achieving goals is one of life’s greatest pleasures and we all have the talent and capabilities of doing whatever we put our mind towards. So cheers to new beginnings, brighter days ahead and may you all achieve the goals you set!

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