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Previously, I shared my tips and tricks for ensuring your precious handbags stay in tip-top condition. This time, I wanted to share how to extend the same care and affection to your designer shoes, whether they be Acne sneakers or Roger Vivier stilettos. We work hard to treat ourselves to these pieces, so who wouldn’t want to go the extra mile to make these accessories last as long as possible? It’s true that designer goods hold up better than its fast fashion counterparts, but you still need to do your part to ensure they hold up. Let’s jump into my lesson on designer shoe care 101.

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The first step to properly care for designer shoes is making sure they’re stored in a clean, dry place to prevent anything from soiling them, especially if you prefer to have them out on display. Otherwise, if you want to tuck them away, I like to place my shoes in their designated dust bag and then inside the shoe box. Dust bags are especially important when traveling as this well help prevent scratches and unnecessary damage while in transit.

Unshapely and creased shoes are certainly not cute! In order to maintain the shape of them, it can be worth investing in shoe trees. These clever little tools will make sure your footwear is properly stuffed to minimize them from getting crushed and misshapen.

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When it comes to designer shoes, being proactive is crucial! For instance, if your designer shoes are crafted from leather, look into a soft treatment that will extend the life of the material. Additionally, other preventative solutions that will extend the life of your shoes include stain and rain proof products. Although I don’t go this far, I have friends who get their soles treated with rubber protectors especially if it’s the highly coveted Christian Louboutin red soles. I highly recommend you find the best shoe cobbler in your city for the best preventative options available to you.

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Shoe Inspection

In order to fully lengthen the lifespan of your designer shoes, one must treat them as they would a car.

Maintenance Checks

We should do all we can to ensure the beautiful designer shoes we worked hard to buy last forever. It is important to care for your designer shoes even when they are not even on your feet. You would be remiss to not take the time every now and then to do regular maintenance checks.

What does this entail?

Making sure they are properly prepped with a leather or suede protectant spray regularly. If you wear your shoes often, then you should be treating them about every 2-3 months. I also like to run through my collection every couple of months to dust them off if needed. Pay attention to the wear of your heel tips and get them replaced as needed so you don’t destroy the upper material.

When needed, take your designer shoes in for an inspection at a local cobbler. Leather soles can get worn out from too much wear and they can reach a point where they are beyond fixing. When you notice your shoes could use a tune up, be sure not to put off a trip to your “shoe doctor”! If you need help finding a quality and experienced cobbler, you can always ask your local department store like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, or Saks.

If you are a crazy shoe lover like me, adhering to the above tips and tricks are a no-brainer. You should want to do all you can to protect these beauties and maximize their lifetime! How do you care for designer shoes?

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