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Jessica Wang wearing a beige vest jacket featuring baum und pferdgarten, distressed jeans in white, and AGL cut out ankle boots with a chanel chain handbag while sharing tips on becoming an influencer in 2021 // Jessica Wang -

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Back when I started this whole blogging journey, I never really imagined the full capacity of where it would take me. Honestly, the industry was so new and I don’t think anyone really thought it would ever become a stable career. These days, influencers are born every single day. Some influencers make even more than doctors and lawyers. Whether your main platform is instagram, TikTok or YouTube (or a combination), it is possible for anyone to experience overnight fame that turns into a long-term game… It’s no wonder children these days are aspiring to become influencers when they get older. That being said, the market is pretty saturated and it’s nothing like it once was. So one needs to know the ins-and-outs on how to make it. If being an influencer in 2021 has always piqued your interest, you are in luck because I am sharing my own updated tips from experience doing this as a full-time job for several years. Read below to start your path to becoming an influencer in 2021!

Jessica Wang wearing a blue mesh lace midi dress featuring fendi, fendi pumps, and a fendi handbag while sharing her tips on becoming an influencer in 2021 // Jessica Wang -

Identify Your Niche

As I mentioned above, the market is already heavily saturated with influencers. That being said, not everyone is offering a fresh perspective to the world. This is why the most important first step is to identify your niche (and audience). Make sure this remains the foundation for all the content you produce going forward. One of the approaches I like to take is to avoid anything I’ve seen more than 3-4 times, which ranges from outfit combinations to content ideas and themes. If I do hop on a trending topic or fashion piece, I try to do it in a way that’s never been seen before. This helps clarify the purpose of why people should follow you and keeps them coming back for more.

Jessica Wang wearing a blazer with a white t shirt and blue pants while sharing her tips on becoming an influencer in 2021 // Jessica Wang -

Provide Value

Which brings me to my next tip on becoming a successful influencer – value. To be a person worth following on the internet, there needs to be added value so the user is more inclined to press follow or engage with a like or comment. Consider the niche you decided on and think about how you can offer up insightful takes in this area. Your best bet for doing this is to create an idea log and brainstorm ALL the time! My posing, tech, and style tips is what really pushed me above the 1M mark on Instagram. Who knew that some basic hacks I thought were boring were actually so helpful to the world! To get here though, you really have to keep experimenting!

Jessica Wang wearing a black long sleeve shirt with leather pants and black slippers while sharing her tips becoming an influencer in 2021 // Jessica Wang -

Quality and Quantity

Obviously, being a successful influencer is all about the content you bring to the table. In the past, the two variables, quality and quantity, were always forced as a choice between the two; however, I honestly think you need to achieve both to see results. Firstly, you need quality

Jessica Wang wearing a fuschia outfit while sharing her tips on becoming an influencer in 2021 // Jessica Wang - Notjessfashion.comJessica Wang wearing an orange leather blazer and blue jeans // Jessica Wang -

content, whether it be photos or videos, and you also need to upload on a consistent basis to keep current follower’s interests and attract more potential connections. Investing in the right equipment, learning editing techniques, doing hashtag research – all of these are crucial ingredients to achieve liftoff. That also applies to your content platforms. You can be everywhere at the same time, so focus on 3 platforms and get really good at them. Mine are Instagram, TikTok and my blog. (Pro Tip – if your blog becomes one of your focuses,  you better be adding Pinterest to the mix!)

Jessica Wang wearing a trench coat with a square neck line dress and neous sandals // Jessica Wang -

Jessica Wang wearing an oversized blazer with wide leg pants while sharing tips to becoming an influencer in 2021 // Jessica Wang -

Expand Your Reach

The goal as an influencer in 2021 is to continually find ways to expand your presence on the internet. A great way to start is to maximize all your social media platforms and strategize ways to push content out onto all of them organically. You could even consider starting a website or blog where it will allow you to provide more in-depth, long-form content. Along with maximizing your digital presence, do not be afraid to network in real life. Look for in-person gatherings in your nearest city for influencer meetups or brand events – this is a great way to meet like minded people to further expand your community. As the saying goes, your network is your net worth. It’s so true!

Jessica Wang wearing a floral one piece bikini with a floral sarong both featuring PQ while sharing her tips on becoming an influencer in 2021 // Jessica Wang -

Above all, try your best not to be discouraged. Good things always take time and most influencers do not blow up at once. Stay true to your values, produce good content and encourage positive interaction with followers. If you stick to the above strategies and really implement them, you will see results as an influencer in 2021! Best of luck to you!

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