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As a blogger, the holidays are a time for socializing and mingling since working in fashion is more about making connections than anything else. This is why it’s so important to constantly build new relationships and reinforce old ones. In order to do so, I make an effort to be present at almost every event I get invited to – and they really ramp up during the holiday season.

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I think most bloggers would agree that by this time, we’re all a little exhausted and overworked, but the passion is what drives us to keep going – even when all the partying starts to feel old. Sometimes, getting ready to go out becomes such a routine that we can easily overlook safety during the holidays. I’m sure most of you can relate, so I wanted to share my tips for staying safe this season.

Holiday Night Out look, holiday tips for staying safe, uber blogger, uber in nyc //

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uber in nyc, holiday tips for staying safe //

1. Don’t plan to drive

Safety has always been a priority for me since the very beginning – and it’s a huge reason why Uber has become such a crucial part of my holiday night outs. My evenings usually start in a frantic no matter how prepared I am. From picking the perfect holiday night out look to getting my hair and makeup right, it can all be very stressful especially if photos are involved. Once I have myself situated, I’m usually scrambling through emails and taking care of business. Running around with all of this on my mind makes it extremely difficult to be present, which is why I don’t even bother driving anymore.

My solution… Uber!

Holiday Night Out look, holiday tips for staying safe, uber blogger, uber in nyc //

Uber makes my life easier whenever I’m going out at night. It allows me to multi-task through the drive – but most importantly, connect freely with important people in the industry. Since my connections have been the single best thing that’s kept my business going, it’s extremely difficult to turn down every cocktail or glass of wine I’m offered, so I usually end up with a glass or two.

If you’re usually flustered around the holidays, spare yourself the responsibility of driving – and focus on what matters instead, like getting ready, socializing, and building relationships. Most importantly, if you plan to drink, definitely don’t plan to drive. And if you don’t have a designated driver, take advantage of Uber.

2. Keep friends and family informed

Also, always keep a friend or family member informed. A night out mingling with a few drinks can make your loved ones uneasy, so I never leave without letting my husband or mom know where I’m going.

On this particular night, I used Trusted Contacts in the Uber app to let Dan access my trip details and it made my evening smooth sailing (and text-free from home). You can also set this functionality up to be used for night trips only.

3. Know your options

Whenever ride sharing, it’s crucial to be realistic and know that no form of transportation is 100% risk free. If you’re ever faced with an emergency situation, the Uber app allows you to connect with 911 directly. Seeing that little police shield at the bottom of the app always reminds me to be alert and safe even when I’m just waiting for my ride at night. I love that all you have to do is pull up the Emergency Toolkit with the push of that button to make a call if needed.


Thanks to Uber for sponsoring this post. All text and opinions are my own.


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