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The countdown to the holiday season is in full swing and with it, comes the joy of family gatherings and getting together with friends. Gift giving naturally coincides with these events and it can be quite difficult finding the perfect gift. This year, I wanted to put together a series of gift guides for every type of family member or friend!

Let’s kick it off holiday gifts for the working girl (aka the boss babe). These are the strong women in your life who are true go-getters and risk takers who radiate confidence. For such a strong person, they really need a gift that is as life changing as they are. Read on for the Working Girl Holiday Gift Guide.

1 Planner

A boss babe has multiple tasks to juggle every day of her life, so having a tool that will allow her to remain organized will be welcome with open arms. A planner that gives an overview of the year, as well as the ability to easily breaks down the day’s assignments is crucial. Plus, it also helps when the planner itself is really cute and aesthetically pleasing!

2 Watch

This is a really endearing gift because this a working girl can utilize a watch a daily basis. Make sure to match the timepiece to your boss babe’s personality. For instance, if she loves a bit of glitz and glam, a rose gold watch would suit her so well! On the other hand, if she prefers clean and minimal designs, something classic with a simple leather band would be perfect.

HOLIDAY GIFTS FOR THE WORKING GIRL, Pumps with Shiny Bow Detail // Notjessfashion

3 Travel Mug

When you seem to be running at high speed every single day, there is a good chance you rely heavily on caffeine. A cute travel mug is the perfect gift for the person in your life who never seems to slow down. Plus, you just can never go wrong with coffee.

4 Shoes

Every boss babe needs that special pair of shoe that makes her feel like a million bucks when she walks into a meeting. Treating the special woman in your life to new shoes is an amazing gesture. There’s nothing like a sleek, classic pump or a fresh pair of loafers to start a new year.

5 Blue Light Computer Glasses

Adding on to the aforementioned gift ideas, blue light shielding glasses is another thoughtful gift for the person who spends hours a day staring at a screen. Most people don’t even realize the kind of damage that occurs from blue light, so a stylish pair of specs will definitely make you look like a gift giving queen!

HOLIDAY GIFTS FOR THE WORKING GIRL, red statement sunglasses //

6 Sunglasses

Every boss babe owns an iconic pair of sunglasses that go with every outfit. So, treat a special woman in your life to some new statement frames or mirrored lenses she can wear at work – and everywhere else.

7 Laptop Bag

When your laptop is your lifeline and you are constantly toting it to and from the office on repeat, the more chances tech complications could arise. This holiday season, a chic laptop bag or sleeve will be a lifesaver!


Any boss ladies out there? What’s on your Christmas wish list?

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