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New York has been hit with a serious heatwave. It is so bad to the point where I don’t even want to step foot outside the house. Temperatures have been consistently in the high 90s, but it’s definitely intensified by the crowds of people, bustling Ubers, and lack of breeze in between skyscrapers. Unfortunately, I can’t be a hermit and stay in the confines of my AC for too long. When it comes to getting dressed, one thing is for certain – I refuse to wear a bra! This is where the ever reliant summer dress comes into play. The last thing you want is to be buckled down by multiple layers so I will often forgo a bra when possible. I promise it’s really easy to free the nip without it actually feeling like you are freeing the nip. Here’s how to wear a dress without a bra.

wear a bra without a dress, corset style dress, Marc Jacobs Fanny Pack //

wear a bra without a dress, corset style dress, Marc Jacobs fanny pack, marc jacobs convertible bag, fanny pack outfit //

Built-in Support

An easy way to eliminate pesky undergarments is to simply shop for dresses with a built-in bra already included. These are really convenient because they still provide support – but without the hassle of wearing a tight, constricting bra underneath. Specifically, you can find a lot of these shelf bra dresses in more relaxed looks or in more formal styles. Let me tell you, a built-in bra and built-in liner bodycon dress is a game changer! I also love bustier tops or corset-style dresses – it makes it so easy to drop the bra!

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Fashion Tape

One of my best kept tools in terms of style is fashion tape. I can’t emphasize enough how this will change your outfit game, especially when it comes to going braless. Fashion tape is essentially a double-sided adhesive meant to applied directly to the skin and to the fabric of your garment. A little bit of this around the bust area just gives you a peace of mind because it ensures your dress will stay where it needs to be. Fashion tape is perfect for securing loose straps and plunging necklines.

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Petals & Pasties

Another key tool when it comes to going braless is to use petals or pasties instead. These silicone covers provide just the right amount of coverage you may need under your favorite dress. Petals are minimal and comfortable so it looks and feels like you aren’t wearing any undergarments, making it perfect for pesky dresses with cutouts or tricky necklines. Just make sure the pasties you use are sweat and waterproof so they don’t peel off in the middle of your day!

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Lastly, the key factor to going braless is to own it with confidence. At first, it can be a bit awkward and uncomfortable to go without a bra when you are typically used to wearing one on a daily basis. However, don’t let societal norms get the better of you. Everyone has the right to go without a bra under our summer dresses as we please!

How do you guys go braless?

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