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Guide to Wearing Color For Spring - Linen Shorts with Floral Top //

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You guys know that I wear color year round. But now that fashion month is over and warmer temperatures are underway, we can talk about wearing color for spring without feeling out of place. I’m always a fan of injecting a little color into your wardrobe because like ice cream, flowers, and macarons, it just makes everything seem lighter and happier. If you haven’t done your research on trending styles and colors, no sweat because I’m sharing my guide to wearing color for spring.

While there are tons of colors that make Pantone’s official list, I’m sharing 7 of my favorites below, which you often see me wearing – and will continue to see me wear throughout the season.

Meadowlark (a bright but dusty yellow)

Primary colors are having their moment – and that means yellow, blue, and red! This season’s yellow is called meadowlark, which falls in between a marigold and canary yellow but with the smallest muted hint.

I don’t know if you remember, but I wore so much yellow last year and it looks like this year will be no different. Meadowlark is the perfect spring color for dresses, palazzo pants, or maxi skirts. I love that it’s bright, feminine, and cheerful. You can break it up with white accessories, add a straw handbag, or even round sunglasses.

Guide to Wearing Color For Spring - meadowlark, Yellow Wide-Leg Pants //

Cherry Tomato (a warm bright red)

Next, we have Cherry Tomato, a fiery red shade that I feel is tainted with a bit of orange. It’s a head-jerking, statement-making, and no doubt sizzling! I love my reds strong – and that means pairing it with colors that pack a punchy contrast like black or yellow. However, there are ways to romanticize this bold hue. You can achieve that by looking for red dresses or blouses in soft flowy fabrics and mixing in light neutrals. Also, try matching your lips to your clothing to exude a jolt of confidence.

Guide to Wearing Color For Spring - cherry tomato, Bold Red Vintage-Inspired Trend //

Little Boy Blue (a soft periwinkle blue)

Softer pastels unsurprisingly hold relevance this season as well, and first up for discussion is Little Boy Blue. Think of it as resembling the clear blue skies on a bright sunny day. I don’t know about you, but for me, looking at light blue always feels so calming and serene. I’m pairing this shade with whites, stripes, and floral prints to intensify the mood. I love that it’s becoming a popular backdrop for billowy printed dresses and camisoles – and can’t wait to grab a few to wear once the temperatures rise.

Guide to Wearing Color For Spring - little boy blue, blue duster jacket //

Ultra Violet (a dark purple)

Here we have Ultra Violet, the color of royalty and wealth. It’s rich and intriguing especially when you wear it head to toe like I did during Paris Fashion Week. It has a striking and powerful effect, so only wear it when you’re confident enough to be the center of attention. Try this blazing purple in a satin dress, dressy heels, or a simple knit top. Then mash it up with lavender, yellow (since they are complementary colors), or metallics.

Guide to Wearing Color For Spring - ultra violet outfit, all purple fashion //

Pink Lavendar (a soft, lilac rose)

Somewhere in between a rose pink and light purple exists Pink Lavender, which is perhaps the easiest, most wearable color trend for Spring 2018. Any way that you’d wear pink or lavender works for this shade as well. I saw it consistently on the runways and some of my favorite pieces were the fuzzy sweater, a mini bag, and ruffle blouses.

Guide to Wearing Color For Spring - pink lavender outfit, pink ruffle blouse, spring 2018 colors //

Sailor Blue (a muted navy blue)

To complete the primary colors trend, we have Sailor Blue, a sophisticated and classic spring shade. If you’re going to be wearing color for spring, this one is perfect for breaking up lighter, warmer tones like Meadowlark, Little Boy Blue, and Pink Lavender. It’s also excellent for structured, chic outerwear pieces. I typically gear towards brights, but I have to admit that I do love a chic color combo such as navy and white as seen below.

Guide to Wearing Color For Spring - navy top, navy polka dot skirt, white and navy outfit, spring 2018 colors //

Blooming Dahlia (a nude peach)

If you’re sick of pink, lavender, and anything else in between, your best bet is Blooming Dahlia, a nude peach that’s feminine but semi-neutral. It makes for stunning Victorian style dresses, bohemian-inspired tops, and casual pieces like jeans and a t-shirt. I mentioned the rise of dusty pink and nudes in denim yesterday (here) – and this color will be the perfect way to update your jeans collection.

Guide to Wearing Color For Spring - blooming dahlia, peach dress, spring 2018 colors, Lace Pink Pleated Dress in Mexico City //

How will you be wearing color for Spring?

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