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Fashionable Accessories for a Rainy Day - Trench Coat //

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To my dismay, this summer has been raining cats and dogs. It seems like every other week has a rainy forecast. And the more I think about it, the more I realize that this wet, humid weather is one of the most difficult weather patterns to appropriately dress for. I find I am always conflicted on what to wear in this type of situation.

As I prep for the hot, rainy days ahead – and the ones to come in the fall, I’ve picked out a few fashionable accessories for a rainy day. There are in fact a few pieces that make looking chic in this steamy weather situation easier. Read on to find out what they are.

Closed-Toe Shoes

Nothing is worse than wearing open sandals or flimsy flats when it is pouring outside. The rainwater soaks your feet and gets in your shoes – I am cringing just at the thought of this. This is why I often choose my footwear first when it comes to getting ready for a rainy summer day. Ankle boots, loafers, or low heeled pumps is the way to go in this sort of situation. This way, your feet can remain dry and allows you to easily step in between the puddles as you get from place to place.

Fashionable Accessories for a Rainy Day - Marc Fisher LTD Fancya Pointy Toe Block Heel //

Loose Dress or Jumpsuit

I also tend to opt for some looser clothing when it comes to this type of weather since the humidity is going to be so high. A loose fitting dress is the perfect option because it is breathable and more forgiving. Options in linen or cotton fabrics are definitely a bonus – the only down side is, they don’t necessarily dry up fast.

Fashionable Accessories for a Rainy Day - loose jumpsuit, stripe jumpsuit //

Trench Coat

Does anyone else think of Audrey Hepburn circa Breakfast at Tiffany’s when wearing a trench coat in the rain? She was always dressed perfectly for any occasion so a light trench coat is an ideal option for a rainy summer day. You can layer this over just about any look but you can also shed if the rain happens to stop and the sun comes out.

Fashionable Accessories for a Rainy Day - Crop Trench Coat //

Fashionable Accessories for a Rainy Day - Trench Coat //

Stylish Umbrella

Lastly, maybe one of the most important elements when it comes to warm, rainy weather is the umbrella. Obviously. It is important to go for something practical that will do its job, but this does not mean it can’t be cute too. There are loads of umbrellas with adorable prints out there. Personally though, my large clear umbrella will always be my go-to!

Fashionable Accessories for a Rainy Day - Clear Umbrella Outfit, Rainy Day Outfit //

What are your favorite rainy day accessories?

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