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fashion blogger jessica wang wears olivia rubin polka dot outfit with polene bucket bag and shares fall 2020 handbags // Jessica Wang -

Olivia Rubin Cardigan | Olivia Rubin Skirt Similar | Green Boots Similar | Polene Paris Handbag (Similar & Affordable)

A new season ultimately means new shifts in trends and one thing I always ensure to keep my eyes on are the current handbag trends. The bag you choose can make or break your overall look so it is certainly not something to push under the rug! Exciting new styles and silhouettes were spotted on the runways and I could not contain my excitement in trying them out. This year, everything from the evolved mini bag to textured fabrics are in this season. If there is any accessory worth investing in right now, let it be a new bag! Continue reading to see the fall 2020 handbags I’m going to be rocking the most and where to purchase them for yourselves.

fashion blogger jessica wang carries pastel polene bucket bag and shares fall 2020 handbags // Jessica Wang -

Unique Shapes

The first trend I want to talk about are uniquely shaped handbags! Triangles, circles, cylinders, cubes – you name the shape and there is bound to be a buzzing handbag to match. I am such a sucker for this trend because I am all about uncommon accessories that will stand out from the norm. These geometrical beauties will do exactly that. Plus, shaped handbags can be found in a multitude of sizes.

fashion blogger jessica wang wears carries fall 2020 handbags at paris fashion week // Jessica Wang -

Grab a tiny hexagonal piece for evening wear or invest in a large and in-charge cylindrical shoulder bag. Whatever your preference, I promise these geo handbags will add a lot of fun and interest to your fits!

fashion blogger jessica wang wears topshop outfit with cell phone bag // Jessica Wang -

Cell Phone Bag

One of the more stand out fall 2020 handbags is cell phone bags (aka trinket or knick-knack bags). This style is for those who want to be freed from the constraint of carrying a heavy bag stowed with your entire life’s contents. Instead, this style takes on a much more minimal approach. These are the revolutionized version of the micro bag and are specifically designed to fit your small items. There are trinket bags you wear on your neck, around your waist or even strapped to your leg or your wrist. They might be tiny, but they definitely make a big statement because of their unique size and style, making it a great add on for your everyday looks.

fashion blogger jessica wang wears camel outfit with chunky chain strap bag and shares fall 2020 handbags // Jessica Wang -

fashion blogger jessica carries bucket bag with gold chain strap and shares fall 2020 handbags // Jessica Wang -

Chunky Chain

This season in footwear, chunky chain detailing has been blowing up and this has translated itself into the fall 2020 handbags too. Whether it be adorned across the front of the bag or featured as a thick chain shoulder strap, this detail adds a touch of edge that elevates any handbag.

Instantly, I was a big fan of this style because I actually do not wear a lot of necklaces. This chain detailing almost acts like a two-for-one by acting as a bag and some statement hardware.

fashion blogger jessica wang carries a faux fur tote and shares fall 2020 handbags // Jessica Wang -

fashion blogger jessica wang carries a faux shearling tote and shares fall 2020 handbags // Jessica Wang -


Classic handbag materials like leather and suede will always be around but this fall, the fashion industry has been loving on the faux-fur. Sherpa and other long pile shearling featured on handbags adds a lot of warmth to your everyday handbag look. I think this textured material really lends itself well for the colder months because it gives you the coveted cozy vibe. The great thing about this handbag trend is that it can be applied to a lot of different looks. Texture will translate well into structured bags, tote bags, bucket bags and so forth! Another take on this fall 2020 handbag trend is feather!

jessica wang wearing evening dress with a crystal fringe bag // Jessica Wang -


Speaking of texture, fringe is another major detail for fall 2020 handbags. This textured detail is basically becoming the bag itself. Dramatic and long fringe can be seen on crossbody handbags, backpacks and more. In fact, this is the type of handbag I would actually style my outfit around, instead of just styling the handbag as an afterthought accessory. If you were on the hunt for a bold handbag for fall, this is it!

Which of these fall 2020 handbags is your favorite?

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