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If you’re in need of great holiday outfits that don’t comprise of ugly Christmas sweaters or the obvious red and green color palette, try some fresh embroidered fashion pieces. I’ve shared several fun and festive holiday outfits on the blog, but if you’re in need of toned down looks that still make an entrance, today’s post is for you. You all know by now how important the element of surprise is to me when it comes to getting dressed. And embroidered fashion pieces will definitely bring it to your next holiday gathering.

In collaboration with Macy’s INC International Concepts, here are three easy-to-wear holiday looks that will put your best foot forward:

Casual Holiday

Casual Holiday Embroidered Look //

Casual Holiday Embroidered Look //

This first look highlights a grey sweater with unique black embroidery. I love how it can easily be dressed up in black skinnies and a glitter clutch.

The off-the-shoulder style and loose silhouette make it the perfect piece for a casual holiday social. It looks incredibly cozy by the fireplace but without the in-your-face Christmas vibe. If you tend to wear more neutral tones, this is the ideal outfit for you.

Holiday Look Glittered Clutch //

Holiday Neutral

Holiday Embroidered Fashion Look //

Holiday Embroidered Fashion Look //

Holiday Embroidered Fashion Look //

Holiday Embroidered Fashion Look //

In the second look, I together paired a black sweater with floral embroidered bell sleeves and coated black jeans (but it would look equally amazing with leather leggings).

This look is dressier than the first, which makes it perfect for a holiday-neutral gathering right around December and New Years. The embroidery decked down sleeves add a nice touch to the outfit…

Dress it up with gold earrings, a sculptural clutch, and ankle boots and you’re all set for a semi-formal affair.

Not-So-Obvious Holiday

Embroidered Military Jacket Outfit //

This final look features a green military jacket with floral embroidery. Sometimes, holiday outfits don’t have to be color coordinated. You can make a bigger statement sticking to earthy tones like olive green. I chose to wear green booties and casual denim with this embroidered jacket to add a little flare (quite literally with these sleeves) and play with the silhouette of the outfit. It doesn’t scream holiday fun, but it’s sure to make you stand out at any gathering thanks to this metallic clutch.

Hope you enjoyed these embroidered outfits I put together for the holidays and don’t forget to share how you’re keeping those holiday looks exciting in the comments below.

This post is sponsored by INC International Concepts, created for Macy’s.