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One of the things I look forward to most is getting my daily caffeine fix – and even more so if I can do it in style (not referring to myself but the coffee shop). I’m always out and ready to scout the the cutest NYC cafes because they serve multiple purposes outside of food and drink. They can make ideal meeting places because they’re usually cozy and intimate. They also make for great backdrops if you need to shake it up on Instagram or your blog. I know this is exactly why cafes are getting more and more photogenic! Plus, if you want a change of scenery from your usual workspace, what can be better than a table with natural light flooding through a nearby window.

I shared my top Instagram-worthy cafes last year, but wanted to update this list. I have the luxury of being in the city, which is brimming with cute, cool, and hip coffee shops. If you’re looking for cool places to work or chill, here are my top 10 cutest NYC cafes worth visiting.

Two Hands

10 Cutest NYC Cafes - Two Hands NYC //

Photo by @zioandsons

If there’s anything I’ve learned about food in the years that I’ve been blogging, it’s that Australians take their brunch seriously! Two Hands is an Aussie cafe that’s bright, open, and airy. I love the exotic plants sprinkled throughout the tables, rustic brick walls, and cute little tables, which are all Instagram worthy! The atmosphere is so chill and relaxing.

10 Cutest NYC Cafes - Cafe Altro Paradiso //

Cafe Altro Paradiso

Situated in SoHo, this spot is a beautiful cafe-restaurant worth hitting up when you’re shopping around in the area. If you love Italian as much as I do, then you’ll be swept away by the pasta dishes. The big open windows lets plenty of natural light pour in – and we all know this is key to getting those jaw dropping shots. Natural textures also tend to photograph well so all the wood elements are a bonus.

Photo by Eater NY

Toby’s Estate

10 Cutest NYC Cafes - Toby's Cafe Flatiron //

Photo by Endless Cup

Toby’s Estate is a popular among the citizens of NYC which is not surprising considering you have a few locations to pick from. My personal favorite is the Flatiron District one. I have a thing for white decor and marble and this joint always gives off a whiff of elegance – the two things that are easily photographable. It’s as intimate as it is sophisticated – and the coffee doesn’t disappoint.

Caffé Storico

If you’re into museums and exhibitions but would like one with a pit stop for freshening up, stop by Caffé Storico inside the New-York Historical Society. This Venetian-inspired cafe is bright, vibrant, and relaxing. I love the high ceilings and chandelier lighting, not to mention the yellow furniture which separates the high ceilings and wood floors nicely. Plus, gotta love the parquet chevron floor pattern.

Photo by Manhattan Sideways

10 Cutest NYC Cafes - Caffe Storico NYC //

La Mercerie

10 Cutest NYC Cafes - La Mercerie NYC //

Photo by Eater NY

La Mercerie is another popular spot that’s worth every bit of the rave you’ve heard. The dark gray paint combined with the industrial ceiling and natural light give off a moody atmosphere that makes a gorgeous backdrop. If you stop by at a time where the light is just right, you’ll be able to experiment with some shadow play. The furniture and decor also make great props!

10 Cutest NYC Cafes - Sweet Time Dessert Cafe NYC //

Sweet Time Dessert Cafe

Do you ever find yourself drooling over the gorgeous flower wall cafes? If you didn’t know, NYC has one of our own (and maybe more, but I’m only aware of this one) – Sweet Time Dessert Cafe.

I have a sweet tooth and I’m always down for a quick pick me up. The desserts here are as Instagrammable as the space is. Think unicorn colors, pastel dreams, and cute heart shapes.

So, grab a few snacks with some colorful drinks, then sit by the wall and snap, snap!


Photo by @bougie_bou

Old Rose

10 Cutest NYC Cafes - Old Rose Cafe Restaurant //

Photo by Grub Street

Another cafe-restaurant I just love is Old Rose. I’m constantly in awe with the beautiful lighting and traditional touches like the black and white checkered floors and moulding around the walls. They also have a beautiful bar with gold accents and black stools that makes a perfect spot for photos. I’m also a sucker for foliage. Here, the hanging greens add a really quaint touch – really stunning!


For a down to earth spot, definitely check out Maman. It’s a super cute French bakery and cafe with earthy decor and that lovely European vibe.They also have some of the most delicious pastries. If you’re looking to get in some photos, go early so you can get a nice window seat with beautiful light. I love how it looks a little worn in which comes off so charming.

Photo by Maman

10 Cutest NYC Cafes - Maman NYC //

Dominique Bistro

10 Cutest NYC Cafes - Dominque Bistro NYC //

Photo by Pinterest

Dominque Bistro is more of a restaurant than a cafe, but I love the store front so much that I had to add it to this list. I can never get enough of the white exterior, wooden doors, and plants that are so perfectly placed. This spot is so rustic and airy – and great for brunch with friends. Take advantage of the outside and make sure to wear something bright and colorful.

10 Cutest NYC Cafes - Butler Bakeshop NYC //

Butler Bake Shop

You’ll find yourself pleasantly delighted by the food and desserts of Butler Bake Shop, which is spearheaded by a Michelin-Starred pastry chef! The presentation and taste are all exquisite! If given the chance, be sure to also indulge in the incredibly lit seating area. It’s so comfortable, clean, and cozy. I love the wicker chairs and again use of plants! It does get crowded so pick a time wisely.

Photo by Butler Bake Shop

What are some of the Cutest NYC cafes you’ve been to?

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