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Winter can be tough. Ward off seasonal depression with a well-deserved beach getaway. Curacao is the perfect travel destination to fight off those winter blues.

New York is an awesome place to live. But sometimes, us New Yorkers can get a little bit weary and tired from the daily grind. The unfriendly winter weather doesn’t help that situation one bit, which is why it is a godsend that JetBlue flies direct from JFK to Curacao.

In the midst of winter, I find myself always longing for some vitamin sea. Sun, sand, and saltwater are the three things that are guaranteed to refresh you and lift you out of your seasonal winter depression. I know that I’m not alone in my desire to escape to a pristine beach paradise just like Curacao, and I just love how JetBlue makes it so convenient to fly to Curacao straight from New York. Goodbye winter, hello eternal summer.

I stayed at the Marriott Beach Resort. All of their amenities aside, I love the resort’s proximity to the beach. Waking up in the morning with the thought of the beach outside my door is just lovely. During my stay, I didn’t just enjoy the beach. I enjoyed some great eats too! The pumpkin pancake at Plasa Bieu is my personal favorite. It was mouthwatering! Situated on top of a hill, Fort Nassau restaurant offers a 360 degree view overlooking the island. I tried local dish stobá at the De Gouverneur, it is a great place for lounging and dining while overlooking the iconic Handelskade skyline. The surrounding area makes for great photo opps. Then, the drinks at Saint Tropez were just heavenly, the scenic backdrop transported me to the real Saint Tropez in France. While you’re in Curacao, don’t forget to stop at roadside stands for some batidos, the fresh fruit milkshakes that borrow a bit from Cuba. It is so refreshing! These gastronomic experiences are a must for foodies like me. Curacao certainly has some culinary gems waiting to be discovered.

An interesting fact I discovered during my stay was that Curacaoans are fluent in various languages, mainly English, Spanish and Dutch. This mirrors their melting pot culture and history, which has resulted in Papiamento. This language, Papiamento, can be traced to Curacao’s original founders. When you visit Curacao, you will hear the term of endearment “dushi.” This word means “sweet,” and trust me the people of Curacao are all dushi.

But of course, the definite highlight of this trip was all the wonderful sights. From the awe-inspiring natural rock formations at Shete Boca to the view of the endless turquoise sea at Playa Forti, Curacao has no shortage of vistas that’ll take your breath away. I also explored downtown Curacao, and all it offers. The Queen Emma Bridge, the floating market, and the Mikvé Israel Synagogue are all must-sees. Another highlight of this trip was my visit to the Double Play movie set and met with Director Ernest Dickerson and the cast. How lucky am I? Curacao was simply filled to the brim with spontaneous adventure and nonstop exploring!

The fun doesn’t stop there. I visited the Ostrich Farm, took a tour around the place, and actually rode an ostrich. That’s what you call a once-in-a-lifetime experience! It was so great to get so up close to these amazing creatures. If you’re visiting Curacao, the Ostrich Farm is worth a visit. CurAloe Plantation is an Aloe Vera Plantation in Curacao where you can purchase locally manufactured aloe products as well as take an educational tour of how aloe vera is harvested. If you are not familiar with the amazing powers of aloe vera, this tour will open your mind. Aloe vera is great for your skin! And it’s organic too!

There are a lot of beaches on the island, and Mambo Beach stands out in my mind. This is the place to go to enjoy a dip in the cool blue waters, or go to the nearby breakwater for snorkeling.

That is quite a list of places to go and things to do when you’re in Curacao. This memorable trip that I took is just the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot more experiences to be had in Curacao, for sure. That’s why it’s so brilliant that JetBlue offers direct flights from JFK, it takes the hassle out of flying to paradise for the weekend!

*Special thanks to Curacao Tourism Board, Curacao Marriott Beach Resort, Jetblue and my personal tour guide Jeanette for unforgettable memories!