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Being fashionable and dressing confidently is obviously a passion of mine, but when it comes to traveling, comfort becomes a priority above all else. And when done correctly, these two ideas can become one fashion-forward, casual ensemble. I’ve been blessed to be able to travel as much as I do. Although I wasn’t always an expert at putting together practical jet-set outfits, I can say now that I’ve really nailed down the idea of traveling in style. While I was en route this past month, so many of you guys asked about my outfits. Today, I’m breaking down my essentials for you. If you booked an upcoming trip but aren’t quite sure what to wear, here are some chic travel outfits that are stylish and comfy.

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What Not to Wear

First, let’s start with what not to wear. You’ll never catch me in dresses or shorts for long-haul flights because it always gets cold inside the airplane. Personally, I think maxi dresses or skirts are the worst because you can easily trip when walking up and down flight steps. That being said, I know I broke the rules in the look above, but let’s just say this was definitely not my usual travel situation. I also don’t wear high heels because it’s not the best way to get through an airport. Now off to what I do wear…


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Pajama Sets

When I think about comfort, my mind immediately wanders to a oversized silhouettes and soft, plush fabrics. There is just something so cozy about pajama sets that envelope your entire body. You can totally make this airport chic by pairing your favorite set with mules or low block heels. I always make sure to carry a cardigan that lets me adapt my outfit to the temperature of the flight. The knit is ideal when it gets cold on the plane, but can easily be removed to reveal a silk cami underneath if it gets too warm.

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I know, I know. Some of you may be bewildered at how heeled booties fit into my idea of travel “comfort”. However, heels have become a way of life for me! As long as they are not extremely high stilettos, I could wear them anywhere. (To clarify, I mainly only do kitten heels!) Incorporating them into my travel look also frees up space in my luggage. To tone down the rest of the look, I’ll usually go for loungewear separates – think joggers, hoodies, and basic tees.

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Technical Trousers

Although sweatpants are convenient when you’re sitting for extended hours on a plane, sometimes there are circumstances when you need to be a bit more dressed up for your travels. This is where I would recommend a slinky trouser. This would be pants comprised of elastane – or a fabric blend – that allows you to stretch and move freely. To everyone else, you look business casual, but to you, all that matters is that you are incredibly comfy.

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Chunky Sneakers

When in doubt, athleisure is always there for circumstances when you do need to find balance between fashion and comfort. I’d dare say it is the trend that marries these two traits better than anything else. Take advantage of this chunky sneaker movement by incorporating it into your outfit so you are comfortable in all legs of your travel. Simply pair your favorite pair of dad sneakers with loose jeans and a trendy top – and you are ready to jet set anywhere in the world. Don’t forget to wear compression socks for long haul flights!

How do you guys travel in style?

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