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Are you the type of person who prefers to wear cute pajamas or would rather throw on an oversized t-shirt and call it a night? Not going to lie, I used to be the latter (and still am on occasion), but lately I have been appreciating the stylish, chic aesthetic that comes with sleepwear. Although, the only people who see me at night are my husband and kids, I cannot deny how nicer pajamas make me feel.

For today’s blog post, I wanted to share some of my favorite nighttime garments for the current season. These are my favorite chic sleepwear options for those warm summer nights when you want to be cool and comfortable. You can even get away with layering them up for the daytime!

Chic Sleepwear for the Summertime - Zara pajama set, slip dress //

Photo by Zara


A little while back, slip dresses had a huge moment in the fashion world. Girls were sporting them everywhere – to get dinner, to go shopping and even to work. However, let’s not forget how ideal they are as pajamas too! Slips are essentially your more elevated oversized t-shirt and are one of the most cozy things you can wear to sleep. I love the silky ones because of that barely there feeling they have.

Chic Sleepwear for the Summertime - kimono, sleepwear kimono, robe //

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Similar to the slip dress, kimonos are often rocked outside of the home too. Lately, I have been loving more pajama-oriented ones that I can throw over my actual pajamas. It just provides a bit more cover but without being too heavy as your average robe would be. Not to mention, it just makes me feel more glamorous in the comfort of my own home (with practically no effort too)!

Chic Sleepwear for the Summertime - silk pajama set, pink pajama set, affordable pajamas //

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When I am not wearing a dress to bed, I opt for cute two piece sets. Right now, I am loving a tank top and short combination, but a silky, sleeved top is just as comfy. There are tons of cute prints, colors and fabrics available right now. Again, comfort is key, especially after a long day of work. Having a pajama set makes your nighttime routine much easier so you can go to bed soundly.

Chic Sleepwear for the Summertime - Wildfox pajamas, wildfox sleep shirt, shirt dress //

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Shirt Dress

I also love the nightshirt be it a long cozy tee or a button down top. The loose, oversized fit feels like it’s invisible and doesn’t restrict me when tossing and turning in bed or performing my getting ready duties. Also, remember that pajama dressing is in, so feel free to tuck your shirt into your jeans for a quick run out the door. For this purpose, shirt dresses with piped details are best.

If you are not a pajama person, I highly consider you just rest yourself to some. In addition to the comfort of chic sleepwear, it is also nice just owning some for any occasion when you just want to look more presentable while at home. For instance, they are perfect for when hubby and I have a date night in and indulge in wine and a movie. What are your preferred pajamas of choice?

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