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Checkered Skirt Styled //

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There are some trends that never die. It feels like checkered anything will live forever. For this very reason, having a checkered skirt in your closet brings a versatility that moves seamlessly between seasons and doesn’t lose its luster no matter what.

Checkered Skirt Styled //

Yes, I love experimenting with new trends. At times, I can be quite brazen with my fashion stylings. However, at heart, I’m a classic fashionista, sticking to old school rules about women and fashion, about cuts, lines, and fabrics, about classic pieces that last. When I encountered this black and white checkered skirt, it met many of the criteria I have for staple pieces –it was both feminine and timeless, trendy and modern, and could be used for any season.

For my summer checkered skirt, I stayed true to the traditional feminine style of the 1950s. I brought back a vintage vibe by adding a strappy black cami, sleek hair, and an outstanding red lip. It was my goal to let the skirt speak for itself.

Checkered Skirt Styled // NotJessFashion.comCheckered Skirt Styled // NotJessFashion.comCheckered Skirt Styled //

Here are some other ways to style a checkered skirt outside the summer season:

With A Blazer:

In spring and fall, a smart jacket is a necessity. Let the checkered skirt blend into those two seasons by adding a blazer. For a flirty style, go for a fitted, flared blazer that lets your curves blossom. For a more modern look, go for an oversized blazer with rolled up sleeves. Have fun with textures and patterns as the blazer will help you move this look into seasons that are all about major transitions.

With A Duster Coat:

The duster coat over is the trench coats cousin. Both are highly prized pieces that all fashionistas should have in their wardrobe. With a duster coat over, the checkered skirt peeks out from behind draping fabric and adds an astonishing element. Here you can have fun with a bold colored checkered skirt. Think reds and yellows or any number of gem tones that will be everywhere this fall.

With A Cropped Leather Jacket:

Want to add edge to that ultra-feminine checkered skirt? Why not slip into a bad girl cropped leather jacket and give that pencil skirt a good dose of sex appeal. Stick with the basic black cropped leather jacket and checkered skirt look, but if you want to really turn heads, choose colors that define the season. Don’t underestimate the power of a cropped leather jacket matched with a checkered skirt. Wear it once and you’ll be hooked.

A checkered skirt for now and later will save you plenty of time when considering work or play wardrobes. Pairing the checkered skirt with bold accessories or other pieces will not only keep it seasonal but also maintain its freshness throughout the year. See the rest of my Italian looks here.

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