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Top 5 Favorite Series to Watch on Netflix - Fall outfit, leather pants //

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Lately, I have been quite busy with work – hustling from one event to another. This is such a crazy time of the year and I feel like I even forget to breathe sometimes! However, whenever I do find some spare moments, there is nothing I like to do more than kick back, throw on my sweatpants, and watch a Netflix series. There have been tons of binge-worthy shows lately and I just had to share them with you! If you’re looking to stay in this weekend or plan cozying up with a blanket anytime this fall, I’ve rounded up my top 5 favorite series to watch on Netflix below!

Master of None

Follow Aziz Ansari as he plays a Dev, a man in his thirties, living in New York as an actor. His character is going through life, not really sure what it is he exactly wants – both in his career and his relationships. (Sounds a lot like me many moons ago!) Dev is so relatable and will have you chuckling as you go through the story. Season 2 is actually my favorite so you’ll have plenty of content to binge here!

The Confession Tapes

If you are looking for a show to keep you on the edge, nail-biting to the bitter end, The Confession Tapes is the show for you. It is a series of true crime stories in which the suspect backtracks on his or her confession. There are a tons of twist and turns including wrongful convictions, crooked detectives and tear-jerking confessions. Definitely a must watch especially if you’re crime obsessed!

Top 5 Favorite Series to Watch on Netflix - Fall outfit, leather pants //

Chef’s Table

For all my foodies, Chef’s Table is an absolute must watch documentary series. Each episode delves into the lives of a world-renowned chef or baker. They share their story growing up and how they entered the fast-paced industry that is food service. All of these individuals are so enrapturing as they share their struggles and successes of making it on top. Dan is more of the foodie but even I enjoy following along with him!

Mad Men

This series takes place in New York around the 1960s and follows the story of Don Draper as he rises to the top of a large Madison Avenue marketing firm. You watch as he struggles balancing work and family life, while also dealing with a lot of past demons. Mad Men is a brilliant story and an excellent portrayal of life in America during the 60s. Given the timeframe, I also take quite a bit of fashion inspo from watching this!

Top 5 Favorite Series to Watch on Netflix - Fall outfit, leather pants //


Starring Jason Bateman as Marty Byrde, this show is about how his family is relocated to the Missouri Ozarks due to the failure of a money laundering scheme he was tangled up in. Marty is forced to set up an even larger illegal operation in order to pay off his debt to the Mexican cartel. This series is a wild, gripping ride that definitely leaves you wanting to watch more.

Nothing is worse than scrolling endlessly through the selections of Netflix and not knowing what to pick – or picking something only to learn that it is disappointing! Hopefully this helped you find a new show to binge watch on Netflix. Let me know what your favorite series are in the comments because I am always looking for a new Netflix conquest!

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