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Best Fall Jacket Styles for 2017 //

The weather is becoming noticeably cooler and it’s getting darker earlier with each passing day, which brings us closer and closer to jacket season. While most people look forward to chunky knits and boots, jackets are one of my most prized pieces. It’s also one of the most important elements of anyone’s wardrobe when you live in NYC because it gets unbearably cold here.

One of the best things about investing in jackets is that you’ll practically wear them all season long unlike a pair of stiletto heel boots or trendy cutout knit tops. Here are my favorite fall jacket styles you need right now.

Best Fall Jacket Styles for 2017 //

1 Plaid

Plaid for days. We can’t seem to stop talking about plaid this fall and it’s still not dying anytime soon, so why not invest in a plaid coat?

You can try one decked out plain black and white checks or go for something with a little more color. I can say with certainty that it’s quickly becoming a timeless classic season after season. You can opt for a trench, a wool or even a cropped number.

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2 Shearling

If you’re in the market for a cool jacket style, shearling coats are perfect because they emanate that effortless biker feels while allowing you to stay extra warm and snuggled up. It’s also a great way to embrace that 70s trend that’s going on strong right now.

Best Fall Jacket Styles for 2017 //


3 Teddy

I’ll always love a good faux fur coat, but if you want to take that fur a step further, try out teddy!

These coats are just as soft, and comfy as fur, but don’t exude that shaggy effect you’re often used to seeing. It very much resembles a teddy bear (hence the name) – and is one of the fall jacket styles I highly recommend if your closet is brimming with fur. Time to get cozy!

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Best Fall Jacket Styles for 2017 //

Best Fall Jacket Styles for 2017 //

4 Vinyl

If you’ve always wanted to try something daring, it’s probably time to try a vinyl topper (cheers to being waterproof!). I am quite obsessed with the vinyl trend whether it’s vinyl pants, shoes, or skirt – and I have no reservations about wearing a vinyl coat. It’s subversive, forward, and futuristic. They’re currently available in a variety of colors and styles, so there’s something for everyone.

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5 Tweed

I’m predicting a slow resurgence of tweed, so it’s probably a good time to get on the trend before everyone else does. I love how the woven textural details ooze a bit of an old-school feel because it can be combined with more modern pieces to create a unique outfit. Today’s tweed jackets are available in various styles and cuts that won’t make you feel older than you really are.

Best Fall Jacket Styles for 2017 //

6 Duster

The duster is one of my favorite fall jacket styles because of how easy it is to wear.

It looks great over everything from denim to dresses and even joggers! The usual light-weight fabric makes it a perfect layering piece right now through the next few weeks while the temps aren’t frigid yet.

They’re becoming more available in different materials, so try a velvet or satin one. You won’t be disappointed.

Best Fall Jacket Styles for 2017 // //

Best Fall Jacket Styles for 2017 //

7 Puffer

Looking for volume? The puffer is a trendy piece you’ll see fashion it-girls running for. Look for an oversized fit in a bright color so you can stand out in a sea of camel and black coats – or just so you can add a punch of color to an all-black outfit. It’s also a great streetwear look to pair with today’s popular athleisure trend.

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What are your favorite fall jacket styles?


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