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Banff Travel Guide - Red Coat with Pom Pom Scarf and Snow Boots //

Coat: (similar here) | Sweater: (similar here) | Scarf: (similar here) | Socks: (similar here) | Boots: (similar here)

Winter marks a wonderful time for ski trips – and though a freezing escape doesn’t fit the ideal tropical getaway most people flock to in the cold, you’ll be blown away by everything you’re about to see. I had the luxury of visiting Banff National Park and fell in love with it’s picturesque beauty. If you didn’t know, Banff is one of the oldest national parks in the world. Its natural beauty is a must-see from the snow-capped mountains to the glaciers and frozen lakes. At first sight, the experience is like being transported to the winter wonderland you’ve always dreamt of growing up – and then you realize that it is real! Get ready to soak it all up for the experience of a lifetime because I’m sharing my in-depth Banff travel guide below.

Banff Travel Guide - Red Coat with Pom Pom Scarf and Snow Boots //

What to Pack: Winter Gear

Everyone wants to look cute whether the sun’s out or the snow is falling. I’m guilty of this too, but when packing for a trip to Banff, comfort and warmth should be your top priority. Be prepared to pack strategically otherwise you may end up with one too many suitcases.

To prevent this packing affair, stick to winter essentials like gloves, socks, scarves, earmuffs, and beanies along with sweaters and leggings that can be layered together easily. Most importantly, don’t forget your winter-proof coat and snow boots as it’ll be near impossible to brave the subzero temperatures without them.

Banff Travel Guide - Metallic and Pink Fur Coat with Snow Boots on Ice // Notjessfashion.comAs you can see, I relied heavily on my Sperry boots to trek through deep snow and make it through the icy but awe-inspiring expedition. (And make sure you tuck your pants into your boots.) Everyday, I found myself piling on light sweaters, then cladding in heavy duty coats, and slipping on those cold weather accessories. Once I was back in front of the fireplace with a mug of hot chocolate, those layers slowly came off one by one. The lesson here is to be sure you have plenty of clothing options that can be taken off as easily as they can be thrown on.
Banff Travel Guide //

When to Visit

Banff Travel Guide - Brown Fur Coat with Ski Boots and Plaid Scarf //

Banff Travel Guide - Snow Boots //

Coat: (similar here) | Jeans: (similar here) | Scarf: (similar here) |
Boots: Sperry | Bag: Gucci)

You can really visit Banff anytime of the year. I know Summer (June-August) tends to be popular because you get the benefits of pleasant warm weather along with some stunning views of the mountains and turquoise lakes. However, I chose to go in the peak of winter to experience the snow-covered mountains along with its fun activities (think ice skating, skiing, and snowboarding). Anywhere from December – March is perfect for the scenery you see here.

Where to Stay

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. I was floored by the astonishing views. From one window to the next, we were surrounded by either frozen lakes, heaps of snow, or pure natural beauty. I also loved the luxe selection of shampoos and soaps they provided – just perfect for a hot bath after long hours furrowed in the snow. Aside from the comforting stay, this hotel has tons of recreational activities that will keep you busy through the end of your visit. Overall, this hotel is for you if you’re looking to elevate your winter getaway at Banff.

A second option I think would be perfect is Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, which is situated in the heart of Banff National Park. It’s known as the Castle in the Rockies – and super easy to see why. The high sweeping ceilings and grand windows provide beautiful views of the alpines – and it just looks incredible tainted in snow and frost from the exterior to the landscaping.

Banff Travel Guide //

Points of Interest

Banff Travel Guide - Black and Gray Casual Winter Outfit with Maxi Coat and Snow Boots //

Coat: (similar here) | Sweater: (similar here) | Jeans: (similar here) | Boots: (similar here)

This Banff travel guide wouldn’t be complete without points of interest. As you can see from my photos, there are so many fascinating landmarks to see. I’ll briefly cover a few mandatory places too see along with my personal favorites.

Town of Banff: Talk about the perfect aprés scene. This little town is super adorable and filled with a ton of mini shops and restaurants to dine at. From beer to cocktails and stories by the fire, you’ll have plenty of options here.

Sleigh Rides: Part of experiencing Banff and Lake Louise are the sleigh rides drawn by horses. Get a real feel for the winter wonderland on a charming ride with a comfy blanket – and enjoy the fresh air and mountain overview while you’re at it.

Ice Skating: If you’re not a ski enthusiast, then you should go ice skating. There are tons of in and outdoors skating rinks, but I don’t think anything beats ice skating outside with a beautiful backdrop and crisp air!

Banff Travel Guide //

It’s a wonderful winter wonderland…

Banff Travel Guide - Brown Fur Coat with Ski Boots and Earmuffs //
Banff Travel Guide - Red Coat with Fur Trim and White Gloves //

Coat: (similar here) | Hat: (similar here) | Gloves: (similar here) | Jeans: (similar here) | Boots: (similar here)

Lake Louise: This is definitely a scene worth watching and reveling in. You’ll get plenty of Instagram-worthy shots here too. I can’t emphasize enough how Lake Louise is ravishing beyond words. There are also several hiking trails around the property, so be sure to hit up the overlook for a priceless memorable moment. I guarantee you’ve never experienced anything so peaceful, dramatic, and vibrant all at the same time.

Aside from Lake Louise, there are tons of other must-see lakes with surreal views like Moraine Lake and Lake Minnewanka where you’ll be surrounded by towering peaks and vivid blue water. Just a warning that it’s bitterly cold and windy but so worth roaming and seeing!

Traveling is all about experiencing the diverse parts of the world in ways you wouldn’t have before. So, if you’re looking for a scenic yet entertaining place to visit in the winter, Banff National Park is definitely one to add to your bucket list. Hope you guys enjoyed my Banff travel guide!

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