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How to add color to your winter wardrobe - Green neck scarf with plaid blazer //

Blazer: (similar here) | Top: (similar here) | Trousers: (similar here) | Scarf: (similar here) | Bag: SalarBoots: (similar here)

Green has slowly raided my closet all season long. From bright greens to deep emerald tones, I’ve been obsessed with the way it illuminates my dark, bundled outfits. Even the smallest pop does the trick.  Now, you can add color to your winter wardrobe with green accessories. To start, you need to figure out which shade is right for you and then match everything accordingly. You’ll see below that there’s a shade of green for everyone – and for every outfit.

If you’re not convinced from the images alone, I’ve also included a round up of my favorite green accent pieces, so you can add color to your winter wardrobe.


How to add color to your winter wardrobe - Green kimono sweater and green satin heels //

Poncho: (similar here) | Top: (similar here) | Jeans: (similar here) | Heels: Nine West (similar here)

Once winter rolls around, everyone tends to stash away the fun bright shoes and bring out the usual black boots. If you’re feeling sick of your dark wardrobe, that’s probably why. Try something new and refreshing like green satin heels, emerald toned boots, or velvet sneakers. Keep in mind that no green makes a bigger statement than emerald. It’s bold, vibrant, and luxe – and for those reasons, I love everything about it.

How to add color to your winter wardrobe - Green Statement Jewelry //

Bold Jewelry

If you’re looking to ease green into your wardrobe, do so with bold jewelry. You probably notice me wearing tons of statement earrings these days, but I do love clustered emerald necklaces as much as I do deep green baubles dangling off the ears . Nothing amps up the fun factor in an outfit like colored jewelry. One of my pro styling tips is to pair bright, bulky jewelry with more streamlined, traditional outfits – that way you get a nice contrast of classic and modern or minimal and maximal.

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A unique structural bag adds personality to an eclectic ensemble (like I wore here), but it also works for a polished look. Pick one with a strap that you can toss over the shoulders for a day of errands or a high-end top handle that adds a sophisticated touch for a fancy dinner. I’m currently infatuated with bags constructed of suede, fur, and satin, but leather is the most practical for casual style.

How to add color to your winter wardrobe with green - Green neck scarf with plaid blazer //


I’m always a fan of accessories that have a functional purpose. And once the temperatures drop, I don’t think there’s any piece that does that better than scarves. Whether you’re into a plaid blanket scarf, fur stole, or satin necktie, a green scarf is the ultimate accessory for transforming your basic winter wardrobe into a stylish masterpiece. I’d recommend you get one of each… A fur stole promises warmth while a skinny satin necktie offers covetable femininity. A blanket scarf, on the other hand, will help you nail interesting proportions. So, do yourself a favor and buy them all now for future use.

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How to add color to your winter wardrobe with green - Green fur stole street style //



Dazzine Velvet Perfect Winter Fashion //

Top: (similar here) | Skirt: (similar here)

Everyone’s been crushing on velvet – and I’m guilty especially when it comes to green velvet pieces. I love how sumptuous and regal it looks, especially when blended with other textures like leather and silk. It can be dressed up or dressed down all the while looking romantic. Find the perfect velvet blouse or camisole that’s comforting and cozy on the skin – just the perfect weight for an austere winter day.


How to add color to your winter wardrobe with green - Monochromatic Green Outfit with Green Aviator Sunglasses //

Sunnies: Michael Kors | Top: (similar here) | Skirt: (similar here) | Bag: (similar here)


If green just isn’t for you, how about trying sunglasses? I love using colored sunnies to deliver a hefty dose of color. My current favorite is these green aviators from Michael Kors. They’re understated and go unnoticeable, plus you can take them off or put them on as you please. My green fascination has me pairing all things green together at the moment (as evidenced in this image). But bear in mind that green sunglasses look equally chic with mustard yellow, deep blue, and neutral-colored outfits.


How are you wearing green this winter?