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Finding the perfect gift for your significant other can be challenging especially when he already seems to have everything he needs! So before I dive head into what to buy, I always try to think about what Dan would actually use but refuses to buy for himself. Most guys are sensible and practical… I know Dan loves photography and tech – and would snag the latest and greatest at any point. But when it comes to clothes, skincare, and fashion accessories, that becomes an after thought.

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Every guy is different so think about what the man in your life wouldn’t buy – and buy that instead. From homey to high-class, here are some Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him, whether it’s your boyfriend, husband, or good friend.


For an avid coffee drinker or a guy who works from home, a mug is a cheeky, inexpensive, and personal gift. Check out Etsy for a wide selection of custom, crafty mugs. If you yourself happen to be the crafty one, you can customize your own mug with a sarcastic quote – or even sculpt one at a local pottery studio!


Every guy needs some soft, cozy slippers for winter no matter how much he denies it! They are a great gift because he’ll likely use them every single day. Some ultra comfy brands I love are Uggs, Sorel, and Tamarac.


Teach your man how to appreciate the art of skincare with his own set this year! Often, it’s just an issue of them not knowing what to buy or how to use it, so Valentine’s Day is a great time to help him out. His skin will be healthy and glowy, and also smell nice so it’s a win-win for both of you! The Brickell Daily Essential Face Moisturizer is an amazing, organic option to try!

Money Clip

Looking for a sleek money clip to help him hold his cash, cards, and receipts together? A money clip is a great solution that offers easy access – and fits conveniently inside his pocket. I love this stainless steel one.

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VR Headset

Even if your man is always on top of his game when it comes to tech, I’m sure he hasn’t yet thought of a VR set. So if you’re looking to freshen up your man’s toy stash, this little gadget won’t disappoint as he can teleport virtually anywhere.

Getaway Trip

If your man is more about experiences, a getaway trip will serve the both of you! Groupon always has tons of deals you can take advantage of, especially if you’re in NYC. It’s the best way to get away, unwind, and relax, but also create memories that you can look back on.


I don’t think any guy ever complains about having too many timepieces. A watch is a classic gift any guy can appreciate and make good use of. Lately, I’ve been loving croc-embossed leather straps with gold accents. It’s such a classic yet modern look.

Designer Belt

Most guys won’t want to splurge on a designer belt since they don’t think it makes a difference. But a good belt can go a long way – plus, they last forever. I’ve been an avid shopper of Salvatore Ferragamo because its belt styles are super versatile and work with both dressier and casual looks.

What other Valentine’s Day gift ideas do you have in mind?

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