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Cool weather vibes are in the air, which means you need to start planning your fall fashion outfits immediately. You’ve probably already felt the weather shift these last few weeks and even seen some leaves changing. Both are good signs that it’s time to revamp your wardrobe.

For those of you who might not be so thrilled about the temperatures dropping, I’ve compiled a list of 7 pieces to get you through the season. I love fall fashion because you get to be creative and layer cozier elements over your favorite summer pieces, and you can get away with mimicking the fall color scheme. These pieces will definitely get you excited about fall fashion! Don’t forget to add your personal touches to create endless options.

1 Kimonos

You saw them in summer, but they’re sticking around for fall. This is a version of the long jacket that drapes nicely over body-hugging pieces and adds a unique flair. Kimonos are silky and sexy. Use kimonos with a short skirt and tights or over a bodysuit. Stick to solid colors and avoid anything pastel or bright. Remember fall fashion is about being subtle.

Kimono For Fall Fashion //

2 Boots

There’s no denying that boots are the ultimate shoes for fall and they give us a great platform to build our winter wardrobes.

Boots For Fall Fashion //

Whether you go all out glam with glitter or if you’re more sophisticated with a classic shape, you’ll need a boot to spice up your fall fashion sense. They literally go with everything. Think skirts, jeans, dresses, and even shorts and tights.

Fall Fashion Trend - Bodysuits // Notjessfashion.comPhoto by Cosmopolitan

3 Bodysuits

Here is another trend that comes from summer. The summer bodysuit was sleeveless and slinky but will take on a new shape for fall and be filled with bold details like plunging necklines, ruffles, cutouts, and built-in chokers. Bodysuits in black are a fall must-have staple.

4 Fluffy shoes

Fur slides, sandals, and slippers are one of the season’s hottest shoe trends. At first glance, you might not be so sure, but when you find the right fluffy shoe that can elevate several looks, you’ll know.

Fur Slides For Fall Fashion //

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Plus, it allows you to be extra comfy while looking as forward and on-trend as possible.

5 Oversized hoodies

Don’t be afraid to get lost in an oversized hoodie. You will love the soft fuzzy feeling, especially when paired with leggings or shorts. Oversized hoodies in moody florals will be everywhere, but the solid grey tone that’s a classic will be equally as coveted. Try pairing the hoodie with something atypical like an over-the-knee boot or a flowing, feminine skirt – just to mix things up a bit.

Oversized Hoodie Fall Fashion //

Photo by Pinterest

7 Pieces to Get You Excited for Fall Fashion // Notjessfashion.comPhoto by Pinterest

6 Slip dresses

Get your hands on a slip dress now. They were everywhere last season and won’t be going away anytime soon. Earthy tones are ideal and will be perfect for layering under turtlenecks or t-shirts. Slip dresses make perfect pairings with chunky boots and cardigans, so don’t limit yourself to just one because a short slip dress will be equally as useful as a long one.

7 Leather jackets

Yep, fall beckons the leather jacket… It’s actually a go-to piece year round, but fall is the time to pull out the stops on the best jackets designers have to offer.

Leather Jackets  For Fall Fashion //

This fall, leather jackets stray from the fitted ones of last season and are a little bulkier and loose. Look for the details in the piping, inlays, and fur collars and cuffs to keep your fashion game soaring high. Move over leather biker jacket and make way for some new touches.

It’s no secret that fall is one of my favorite seasons at this point. I can’t wait to style these pieces and show them with you! In the meantime, what’s your favorite fall essential?

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