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jessica wang wearing a striped balloon sleeve top, butterfly jeans, bottega veneta sling back pumps, and gu_de water pvc bag while sharing her favorite beach essentials from amazon vacation finds // Jessica Wang -

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The days are passing by but there is still plenty of time to get out and enjoy the summer! We need to treasure the long days and sunshine because before you know it, you are going to blink and it is going to be autumn. In case you need to stock up on some beach essentials before heading out to your nearest beach, you may want to run through your checklist to ensure you have everything you need for a nice, relaxing getaway. That is where Amazon comes in to save the day once again. All the necessities you need and more is at the tip of your fingers! So grab your own checklist and shop my favorite beach trip essentials you can purchase straight from Amazon.

jessica wang wearing a tan zimmerman button down top with a matching skirt and neous sandals with a ferragamo bag while sharing her favorite beach essentials from amazon vacation finds // Jessica Wang -

jessica wang wearing tropical pjs while sharing her favorite beach essentials from amazon vacation finds // Jessica Wang -

Portable Chair

Obviously, one of the most necessary beach items is a chair. Yes, the typical beach chairs are highly effective. However, if you are looking for ease and practicality, I highly recommend this portable chair. Most people tend to use it for camping trips but it works just as well for a beach trip! It manages to fold up to a water bottle size, making it so easy to throw in your beach bag for easy portability. The only downside is that it cannot turn into a lounge seat.

Beach Umbrella

A beach umbrella is another must have item on my list of beach essentials! It is bad to get hours of direct sun on your skin so having shade is definitely a requirement for me. This beach umbrella is large and in charge! It also has an air vent design and the umbrella shade itself is actually UV protection.

Yeti Cooler

Bringing snacks for a long day on the beach is a requirement for me! Since it can be scorching hot out, you want to ensure that everything you bring stays cool and refreshing. This Yeti cooler is one of the best out there. The insulation is insane and will keep all your snacks and drinks ice cold!

Inflatable Pillow

If you are the type of person to snooze on the beach, this Amazon find is perfect for you. It is an inflatable pillow that folds up into a tiny carrying case. All you need to do is blow a few puffs of air and you have an instant pillow ideal for all your beachside naps.

Outdoor Blanket

Speaking of naps, if you do want to sprawl out on the sand, a large beach blanket is going to be an essential item to pack for your trip. This one rolls up to be easily carried from your car to the sand. Plus, this one comes with 4 ground stakes so it does not fly away in the wind! How cute are these patterns too?!

Supergoop Sunscreen

I would say this SuperGoop sunscreen has become a beauty cult favorite over the past year or so. It is a game changer when it comes to sun protection because it just acts as another step in your skincare routine. This sunscreen does not give off any white cast at all. It melts seamlessly into the skin while protecting your epidermis from the harsh sun rays.

Collapsable Corn Hole

There are two types of people – the people who can just nap and relax on the beach for hours or those who easily get bored. If you or if anyone you are going with is the latter, it is always a good idea to bring along a few activities. This collapsable corn hole from Amazon is the perfect solution! It does not take up too much space and is a really fun game to play with your friends and family!

Water Bottle Attachment

As much as I love the beach, the sand can be a little annoying but that obviously comes with the territory. However, I found this nifty little gadget on Amazon that simply pops onto your water bottle. This attachment turns the bottle into a makeshift shower head so you can rinse all that pesky sand off!

Beach Bag

As much as I love having a cute beach bag, sometimes you just need something practical. A fancy straw tote simply will not do when you are packing for the entire family for the day. This extra large mesh beach bag is going to hold all you need and more!


Last but not least, I recommend investing in a pair of non-fuss slides that can easily be slipped on and off. As I mentioned above, there are just instances when we do not want to wear our designer sandals to the beach. These comfort slides are going to be the solution! Plus, they are extremely trendy these days!

What beach essentials will you take with you on your next vacation?

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