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Something I value infinitely more than the latest fashion trends is my family. I’ve shared many anecdotes about Hazel and Capri – and they’ve no doubt played an instrumental role in who I am today. This is why World Children’s Day is so special and near to my heart. On November 20th, 1959, the UN enacted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child. Now, we celebrate this day annually in support of every child getting the proper tools to survive and succeed in this world.

If you guys didn’t already know, charity work has been a huge initiative for me, and I couldn’t be more honored to partner with UNICEF to spread awareness and share more about World Children’s Day. No doubt, the rights of children are something that should be fought for every single day. While those rights are often granted here in the States, it’s a completely different story in other parts of the world. There are so many things we can do to get involved on November 20th – read on to learn more.

World Children's Day, Mini Boden Harry Potter Hogwarts collection // Notjessfashion.comPromise to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Each year, UNICEF chooses a specific theme World Children’s Day focuses in on. This year is all about raising awareness around malnutrition and the rising rate of obesity within children. We live in a world of convenience and processed food, so it’s critical to fight for healthy options that everyone can afford. Obviously, this goes beyond just World Children’s Day but make a promise to lead a healthier lifestyle for your family.

Donate to a Food Shelter

Beyond your own household, there are so many families lacking a healthy diet. This World Children’s Day, you can get involved at a local food pantry by volunteering your time or donating some nutritious options. If the pantry allows it, you can even bring your children along to volunteer. This is a great way to teach them how to give back to the community.

fashion blogger jessica wang kids wears Mini Boden Harry Potter Hogwarts collection // Notjessfashion.comSign the Petitions

UNICEF continues to fight for children’s rights in every aspect of life. Beyond getting the proper balanced diet, there are so many children all around the world who don’t share the same freedoms your own kids have. One of the biggest things you can do for World Children’s Day is to get yourself educated. Whether it be stricter gun enforcement laws or the migrant children being held by ICE at the border, take some time to do research and sign the petitions to take action.

Give to a Child in Need

In addition, UNICEF has an online shop offering a bunch of different giftables to children all around the world (here). Gifts range from supplying 1,000 pencils for an entire school (for only $30) to winter clothes for a child, malaria treatment, and more. Since we are now in the season of giving, this is the perfect opportunity to give back to children who really need it. You can even get a tax break in the process of doing a good deed.

world children's day, Mini Boden Harry Potter Hogwarts collection // Notjessfashion.comWear Blue

Lastly, you can participate in World Children’s Day on November 20th by choosing to wear blue. This is the official color of UNICEF and by showing your support, you are representing the cause by defending children’s rights. Leading up to this day, urge your friends and family to get enlightened on the issues so they can wear blue too!

There is no better day than the present to take action. Let’s face it… The world is sometimes so chaotic, it is hard to take a step back from the daily routine of life. However, our children are truly the future and they deserve just as much rights as we do. Mark your calendars for World Children’s Day on November 20th and do what you can to get involved! Learn more here.

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