Easy Ways to toughen up a feminine wardrobe - Style Nanda Jumpsuit, Khaki Green Jumpsuit //

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My style is constantly changing. There are days you’ll catch me in the prettiest ruffles ever but then days where I look like I came straight from the trend report. I love variety when it comes to fashion and I think that’s really influenced my style. Most people tend to stick to a certain “aesthetic” and “style” because they know it works on their body. Although that is absolutely ok, I know there are times when they want to change it up too. So for my girly girls looking to toughen up a feminine wardrobe, I’m writing today’s post for you.

Toning down a feminine wardrobe doesn’t have to be extreme or expensive. As a matter of fact, the smallest tweaks can make the biggest difference. Here are some of my favorite ways to toughen up a girly look:

1. Wear a feminine piece in an earthy tone

It’s probably obvious that color is my go-to for changing up my entire look. I find that earthy tones are the best way to gear away from super feminine ensembles. Think olive, sand, browns, rust, and mustard tones. Think about how the vibe of this jumpsuit would change if it was pink or yellow. The fact that it’s in a khaki green neutralizes it that much more.

Easy Ways to toughen up a feminine wardrobe - Style Nanda Jumpsuit, Khaki Green Jumpsuit // //

Easy Ways to toughen up a feminine wardrobe - Jessica Wang Instagram Outfits Round Up: Spring Colors //

2. Add a masculine coverup

My next trick to toughen up a feminine wardrobe is to add a masculine cover up. Classics like a cardigan, trench coat, or blazer usually enhance lady-like ensembles; however, the simple swap to a bomber jacket or an oversized denim jacket can change up the look entirely. If you’re tired of those two options, you can always go for the utility jacket – a fresh take on spring.

Look for unique hardware and details that won’t stretch your look too far. Usually, I find that feminine styles look best when the masculine touch is subtle and simple.

Easy Ways to toughen up a feminine wardrobe - Stripe top with denim maxi skirt, nyc fashion blogger //


3. Mix in slouchy pieces

There’s nothing I love quite more than mixing slouchy pieces with more fitted ones. The look above is the perfect case of how a feminine bottom and “boyfriend” top can look edgy and cool but still sexy. When wearing an oversized top, I love the detail of a lower neckline or a sheer fabric that lets a lace bra peek through. You can also wear boyfriend jeans with a bodysuit or bralette – it will give you the same effect.

4. Swap heels for chunky shoes

There’s no denying that I am obsessed with shoes whether it’s sleek, stiletto heels, a strappy espadrille, or lace up boots. The right shoe has the power to transform your look, which is why I’m constantly stocking up! I find that chunky shoes, such as these Stella McCartney creepers, or dad sneakers can tone down a feminine look on so many levels.

Easy Ways to toughen up a feminine wardrobe - Denim Jumpsuit with Stella McCartney Elyse Shoes in Denim //


5. Wear strong textures

Easy Ways to toughen up a feminine wardrobe - 9 Leather Jacket Styles, all leather outfit //
My last styling tip is to mix in strong textures such as leather, suede, or vinyl. It could be the simple change of a ruffle skirt to leather piece or a sandal to a vinyl bootie. You don’t have to wear every single material as I did in the look above but adding in one or two textural elements can have others marveling at your styling skills.

How do you like to toughen up a feminine wardrobe?

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