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To the average person, being a “blogger” seems like a career choice that requires very to little effort compared to that of a standard 9 to 5 desk job. I have often had people tell me my occupation doesn’t really require much skill. They might even say, “it must be nice having a job where all you have to do is look pretty”. When in reality, being a blogger of influence is not for the faint of heart. As someone who has been full-time blogger for quite some time now, I have to admit that I sometimes wish life was as easy and balanced as when I worked in corporate because blogging is so much work!

Not only does one need to deal with the stipulation of choosing not to hold a traditional job, but it demands a ton of intelligence and skill to succeed. There are so many different responsibilities one needs to balance all at once. Since you guys are always asking, I wanted to discuss what skills you need as a full-time blogger today.

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Throughout my blogging career, I have learned self-discipline is one of the most important ingredients to success in this industry. Giving up the traditional work hierarchy means you are no longer working under anyone but yourself. You are your own boss. In order to propel forward, you need to set clear expectations for yourself and you need to be vigilant in reaching your end goals.

I constantly need to exercise my own self-disciple on a daily basis. On any given day, my to-do list seems to expand exponentially and I need to hold myself accountable until everything is complete.

This means motivating myself to set “office” hours (or work beyond them), meet deadlines, and create content. If you lack the self-motivation to get things done, you could easily fall behind in work and lose precious time.

Key Takeaway: Build the self-discipline to work, especially when no one else is watching. Your drive to get things done will help you reach your goal of working as a full-time blogger faster.


Building the NotJessFashion community from scratch was truly a labor of love. If you are serious about growing your online presence and establishing yourself as a brand, you definitely need to tap into your entrepreneurial mindset. In the beginning of your blogging career, it might seem pretty lax with a sole focus on writing content and shooting photos. However, once your website builds momentum, there are so many other skills you need to hone. A blossoming influencer is also an entrepreneur by undertaking the role of being a creative, developing ideas, managing financials, delegating, and many other skills that allow the business to become viable.

Key Takeaway: Being a blogger isn’t simply about having a blog or maintaining your image alone. It’s a balancing act of being the face of your blog and separating yourself from the blog so that you can run business. The most successful bloggers know how to manage the two.

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If you are thinking of becoming a blogger, keep in mind that this has become a highly saturated field where the competition can be stiff. But you shouldn’t let this deter you at all! In order to succeed, you need to let your creative juices flow. Almost all aspects of the job require you to think outside of the box. Naturally, this is required in writing blog posts, shooting photos, and thinking of the perfect Instagram caption – but it also need to be taken to a deeper level. Releasing your creativity combined with being yourself is a formula I could not preach enough.

Key Takeaway: If you think something hasn’t been done, think again because it already has! Keep thinking and thinking and thinking outside the box till you get noticed.


One skill that will certainly set you apart from the others, is the sheer will and determination to be great. To get back up even on days when you feel like you’re going no where or that it’s all come crashing down. If you are truly focused on growing yourself and your business, the rest will follow. If you have not done so already, I highly suggest writing your goals down and keeping them within reach. This allows them to be seared into your brain and seem tangible.

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Manifesting what you are truly passionate about will bring you great success in whatever you pursue.
Key Takeaway: All full-time bloggers are blogging full-time simply because they didn’t quit. In a world where we’re constantly connected, it can seem that you’re always the one behind. But the key to surviving is simply not giving in.


Lastly, the one skill that will take your blogging career far into the future is being resourceful. As a blogger, nothing is ever handed out freely. You have to work for it, keep your eyes open for it, and ask out for it. If you know how to turn opportunities into possibilities – how to find the answer yourself rather than wait for someone to give it to you, you’re already ahead of the game. Stay resourceful guys and gals!

Key Takeaway: The industry is changing fast, so for long-term success, you need to be able to adapt if you want to be a full-time blogger. Having a resourceful mindset means staying positive and driven to find a solution no matter what obstacles come your way.

Let me know if there are other blogging topics you want me to cover!

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