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The Ultimate Shot List for a Blog Photoshoot - Top NYC blogger, dumbo brooklyn //

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Happy July 4th guys! Last week, I broke down my creative process for planning a blog photoshoot, so this week, I want to finish up the segment by providing you guys with my ultimate shot list. I think a shot list is incredibly important so you don’t get lost in the process of shooting. The worst thing that happens is you forget to shoot something important and then have to reshoot it. Plus, if your blog is your business, providing brands with the perfect shot is critical to your brand and reputation. Below, you’ll find a shot list for a blog photoshoot that I always start out with.


The Ultimate Shot List for a Blog Photoshoot - Green Polka dot dress //

There are two kinds of #OOTDs, those taken for the blog and those taken for Instagram. The one above is an ideal blog shot for showcasing an outfit. As you can see, it’s shot more portrait style and there’s only a small portion of the setting. The focus is on my clothes – and I fill up a pretty large portion of the frame. I’m also dead center. Common #OOTD photos can be taken straight on, as I’m walking to portray movement, or taken from the waist up.

The Environmental Shot

The Ultimate Shot List for a Blog Photoshoot - Red Ankle Boots //

The Ultimate Shot List for a Blog Photoshoot - Tokyo Cherry Blossoms, luxury travel blogger //

The Ultimate Shot List for a Blog Photoshoot - Chic travel outfits, yellow lace jumpsuit, off the shoulder jumpsuit, alice mccall jumpsuit, summer travel outfits // Notjessfashion.comThe second type of #OOTD photo is the environmental shot. These are shots taken for the gram – and you’re probably used to seeing them. In these photos, the backdrop is super important and will typically fill up most of the frame. It’s all about the view. And if you pay attention, you’ll notice that the poses are more lifestyle – meaning I move in tandem with the environment and my husband strives to capture it the best he can.

The Detail Shot

The Ultimate Shot List for a Blog Photoshoot - Jessica Wang Wears David Yurman Bracelet, David Yurman ring, David Yurman Jewelry //

Chic Outfits for the 4th of July - Nasty Gal outfit, Nastygal white sandals, gray plaid pants, july 4 outfit, nyc style //

Detail shots are great for showcasing a specific piece of clothing – or as implied, details of an outfit. The image left was shot for David Yurman and I really wanted the ring to pop. The image above was taken in partnership with Nasty Gal and the block heel sandals were something I wanted to highlight in the outfit. Note how the cobblestone streets added a nice pop of texture to make the image more interesting. This was an intentional effort in my part.

It’s important to always make sure detail shots have the most unique composition otherwise they come off flat and boring.

The Flatlay

The final frame on my shot list is always the flatlay or the still image. From food to beauty and handbag essentials, flatlays are perfect for calling out brands. It’s also a good way to show your followers what products/items you’re using or carrying. You may remember this shot from my recent Clinique post. I always try to make brand names as clear and evident as possible. I prefer shooting flatlays in natural light and in the products’ natural environment. It takes a while to perfect the flatlay so don’t be discouraged and always play with different frames, props, and angles. Props are a real game changer so invest in a few things that you can use over and over again like plants, vases, or books.

The Ultimate Shot List for a Blog Photoshoot - Clinique Fresh Press, Clinique Vitamin C //

Here you have 4 basic shots that I always use. Now it’s your turn to go out and try them. Be sure to tag me so I see how you put your own spin on them.

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