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Stripe shirts and patch work denim - Off Duty Style Outfits Cool Girls Swear By //

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Sometimes you just can’t be bothered, right? Even when I’m technically off-duty, I want to look good because it makes me feel good. Thank goodness for off-duty style. You should try it, too. It works wonders! I can promise you that.

Off-duty style sounds like quite a lot of work, but it’s actually not. Here are some outfit ideas that don’t miss the fashion mark for when you want to just keep it low. They’ll make you feel like a million bucks with minimal effort. This is one of the biggest secret of a true fashionista –minimal time invested and huge rewards. It’s all in mixing and matching and all in making the best choices when it comes to the coolest off-duty styles this season.

Cami Top + Boyfriend Jeans

Cami Top and Boyfriend Jeans - Off Duty Style Outfits Cool Girls Swear By //

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One of my absolute favorite off-duty looks is the cami top and boyfriend jeans duo. You just cannot beat a pair of worn-in, distressed boyfriend jeans and a sexy cami top. The jeans allow you to be mobile and are relaxed enough to make you feel the off-duty energy. Try a cami top in silk with lace details to amp up this off-duty style into one that will get attention without all the effort.

Shirt Dresses

White Shirt Dress - Off Duty Style Outfits Cool Girls Swear By //

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This off-duty style has been around for awhile now, but this season it’s even cooler. With various shapes from more fitted to A-line and with tons of patterns and textures, shirtdresses have us, girls, feeling good about ourselves again. It’s a look that’s feminine yet with a simple chic feel that’s good enough for the office or for play. Don’t underestimate the power of the shirt dress –whether you do a classic button-down style or a full-on cotton t-shirt shirt dress.  Either way, you’ll feel amazing.

Oversized Jumper + Ankle Boots

Oversized Knit Layers - Off Duty Style Outfits Cool Girls Swear By //

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Anything oversized is the go-to look for when you’re off-duty. It’s the coolest look on the list because it’s paired with ankle boots. Ankle boots are the edgy piece that spices up any outfit.  They are a statement accessory and can be even more statement if you add chains or studded details to them. An oversized jumper allows you to be cozy while the ankle boots give off that fashionista vibe.

Mini Skirt + White Tee

White Tee and Mini Skirt - Off Duty Style Outfits Cool Girls Swear By //

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The mini skirt and white tee are one of the oldest but coolest off-duty looks in the book. Why? Because who doesn’t want to wear a soft cotton white tee during the warmer months of the year? It’s the ideal piece that every fashionista should have in her closet for spring and summer months. And rather than go with a pair of jeans, the mini skirt screams alluring femininity like no body’s business, plus it keeps you looking and feeling cool when the temperatures are rising.    

Striped Tees + Shorts

Stripe Top and Shorts - Off Duty Style Outfits Cool Girls Swear By //

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This one is a classic. Pairing stripes with shorts is also a huge indicator of summer, which is right around the corner. All stripes are acceptable for this look, from thick, bold colors, to thin, subtle lines, a striped tee and shorts wins every time. Think about short shorts or culottes to pull the look together. Go for patchy denim or even linen.

Sneakers + Anything

Sneakers with sheer dress - Off Duty Style Outfits Cool Girls Swear By //

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No matter what you’re wearing, you can rock a pair of sneakers with it. This is a classic off-duty style that is also retro. Like women of yesterday who paired sneakers with skirts and suits, we’re repeating this look because not only is it off-beat and a bit quirky, it’s heaven for our feet.  Sometimes heels can wear us down despite how good they make us look and feel. Fashion should make you suffer –at least, not all the time.

Crop Top + Mom Jeans

Crop Top and Mom Jeans - Off Duty Style Outfits Cool Girls Swear By //

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Probably one of my favorites this season. Why? Because not only it is super cute, but it’s also super comfy. Mom jeans allow you to be casual yet stylish; the allow breathing room and don’t have you worried about body bulges or extra bits. The highlight of this off-duty style is the crop top. Feel free to go with something floral and with ruffles to give yourself a lift, or if you’re doing casual go all the way with a light cotton off-the-shoulder or graphic tee crop top.

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