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The days are getting longer and the sun is getting brighter. Sunglass season is upon us and I could not be more thrilled as they continue to be one of my favorite ways to accessorize an outfit. Sunnies are a definite must for me and they can elevate your look in an instant by making you appear more daring, mysterious, and polished. Plus, sunglasses photograph exceptionally well. I always make sure to bring a pair when shooting my street style photos or attending events because you can also use them as a prop. Try holding them in your hands, lay them atop of your head, or draped across the front of your top.

I’ve collected so many different pairs over the years but wanted to share the trending sunglasses I’m loving in 2018! Consider these the must-have sunglasses in every It-girl’s collection now!

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Colored Lenses

One of my favorite ways to make a statement with sunglasses is with color-tinted ones.

They are so fun to play around with and can really accent an outfit. You can use them as a little pop of color or maybe even match them with the entirety of your outfit to complete a full monochromatic look.

If you have yet to add colored lens sunglasses to your collection, I highly suggest giving them a go this spring and summer season! From lavender to yellow, the color options are endless and so fun!

Tiny Sunglasses

These are still having a moment in the street style world. Reminiscent of the 90s era, tiny sunglasses are edgy and give you that instant cool-girl vibe. Micro frames are not necessarily the most practical of eyewear choices, but you cannot deny the added style and aesthetic they create when perched precariously on the bridge of your nose.

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I love that they’re available in various shapes and colors so you can look as futuristic or retro as you’d like!


In complete contrast to the aforementioned tiny sunglass trend, oversized frames still have a place in my heart. And I’m happy to see that they’re becoming cool again.

These huge frames dominate the face in a good way and can help you exaggerate a glamorous or vintage look. Plus, they are the perfect choice when you need to go incognito or even for those tired, no makeup days.

Just make sure you find frames that compliment your face shape to avoid looking too “bug-eyed”.

5 Must-Have Sunglasses Every It-Girl Is Wearing Now - Oversized Sunglasses, How To Wear Plaid, Plaid Suit, Co-ords for Spring, Street Style, Jessica Wang //

Clear Frames

Since plastic and PVC are trending, naturally so are clear sunglasses. These are a great alternative to your typical black or horn-rimmed specs, as the translucent frames offer up a unique spin. Not only do they look amazing on, but clear frame sunglasses are incredibly versatile as they match with everything.

5 Must-Have Sunglasses Every It-Girl Is Wearing Now - Clear Framed Sunglasses, Blue Monochromatic Look, Geometric Handbag, Blue Clear Frame Sunglasses, Blue Stripe Ruffle Skirts, Streetstyle, Jessica Wang //

5 Must-Have Sunglasses Every It-Girl Is Wearing Now - Unique Shape Sunglasses, Retro Sunglasses, Green Monochromatic Style, Gold Velvet Handbag, Green Pleated Skirt, Streetstyle, Jessica Wang //

Unique Shapes

If you haven’t caught on, lenses and frames are becoming more unique and embellished. I’ve worn a few already including pearl-rimmed sunnies and heart-shaped frames.

These are great if you’re not in the mood to accessorize or if you want to over-accessorize. There’s no in-between. I find it interesting that a simple change of shape can drastically change the vibe of your look. If you’re looking to experiment in the eyewear department, this is the one to try.

What are you must-have sunglasses for 2018?

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