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matching couple outfit ideas in a blue color block dress // Jessica Wang -

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When it comes to going to big events or shooting editorial content, I need to plan ahead not only my outfit but my husband’s! Admittedly, he can care less about style so I try my best to go with looks that he’ll feel comfortable in yet are complementary to my own. This way, we don’t clash within the photograph when standing side by side. In fact, as you will see below that I am not even opposed to matching couple outfit ideas from time to time! I promise taking the extra step to plan your attire ahead will make for some amazing couple photos that you can look back and smile on. To get you and your loved one inspired, here are four matching couple outfit ideas we put together that you can easily replicate.

winter parka couple matching outfit ideas // Jessica Wang - Notjessfashion.comWinter Casual

His: My husband loves to keep his outfits casual and simple. In this winter outfit, he wore a solid long sleeve crewneck, some faded denim and a sleek black parka for protection against the winter cold. Since it is quite frigid, he accessorized with a knit beanie and leather boots for additional warmth. He loves this look and it is perfect for everyday wear during the winter!

Hers: I mirrored his outfit but with a more feminine twist! Instead of the crewneck, I wore a soft, camel turtleneck sweater that I tucked into some high-waisted denim for a more tailored look. I also made a few adjustments by cuffing the hem of my pants, wearing heeled booties and adding statement drop earrings.

matching couple outfit ideas for a date night // Jessica Wang - Notjessfashion.comFamily Dinner

His: For a Lunar New Year dinner with our parents, we decided on a more formal fit. My husband switched it up with a modern graphic sweater. The rest of the look was kept solid and dark with black pants, dress socks, and loafers. This look is definitely more dressed up but still comfortable thanks to the knitwear.

Hers: Since my husband’s look was relatively dark and neutral, I went the lighter route and I love the way both turned out! I wore a sleek mid length slip dress and incorporated the lucky Lunar New Year red via my handbag and shoes. Since my husband’s look is so neutral, the bright red does not clash with any other bold colors!

green matching couple outfit ideas // Jessica Wang - Notjessfashion.comDate Night

His: If he had a choice, he would opt for sneakers with every single outfit which I am not opposed to because I believe sneakers can be dressed up if done right! To celebrate my birthday at home, my husband wore a black and emerald color-blocked sweater with dark grey denim.

Hers: For my outfit, I decided to play right into the palette of his sweater by wearing a black pearl accented top with dark green skirt. Coordinating colors is a great way to ensure you and your partner’s outfits are cohesive and photo ready! I highly encourage you to take time to dress up for your date nights, even if they are at home. It makes the occasion feel even more special.

jessica wang and her husband sharing matching couple outfit ideas in red // Jessica Wang - Notjessfashion.comFormal Event

His: Instead of gravitating towards traditional black and white for a formal event, try adding some color. A bold blazer is a great way for your man to take a more stylish approach. You can keep the rest of the elements basic and solid so the blazer pops. In this instance, he wore a solid black button up with some dark pants.

Hers: You know I always prefer to go big or go home, so I matched his blazer with a shiny red gown complete with red knee-high boots and a red lip. In this instance, we are both wearing the same shade of red so that everything looks streamlined and cohesive.

Which matching couple outfit ideas are your favorite for winter?

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