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jessica wang wearing a red Alberta Ferreti ruffle dress and sharing instagram hacks for 2021 // Jessica Wang -

jessica wang wearing a red ruffle dress with a roger vivier handbag and sharing instagram hacks for 2021 // Jessica Wang -

jessica wang wearing a red ruffle dress with a roger vivier handbag and sharing instagram hacks for 2021 // Jessica Wang -

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It seems Instagram is always changing its algorithm with a purpose to better serve the community it relies on – but it can be hard to keep up and be seen. It may feel discouraging if you are not seeing the growth in your profile that you had envisioned, but I am here to tell you to not let it get to you! As long as you stay updated on what their algorithm prioritizes, continue to stay true to yourself, and do not let the ‘fun’ be taken out of the social media platform, you will be on your way in no time. To get you started, I did a little digging at how I have been interacting with Instagram in order to grow to the (almost) 2 million followers I have today. Below, I’m providing some insight on what practices you should be incorporating into your strategy. Keep reading to get my top Instagram hacks for more growth in 2021.

jessica wang wearing a pink dress in the mirror and sharing instagram hacks for 2021 // Jessica Wang -

Produce Reels

I am sure you all know by now but this first point is so important for growth in 2021. The creation of Reels is one of the biggest Instagram hacks that’s going to help your account get seen by a lot more eyes because the platform puts a lot of emphasis behind this new component. With the rise in popularity of TikTok, it only makes sense that Instagram is really trying to push their own version of the app as much as possible, which is why they reward Reel engagement so heavily. Personally, I have been having so much fun creating video content! It is a great way to get creative, force yourself out of the comfort zone and inject a lot more of your own personality into your online presence. Also, for a quick aesthetic tip, make sure to shoot a relevant, high-quality photo to add into your reel for the duration of at least 1 second so you can use this as the cover photo that gets displayed on your feed.

Utilize Features in Stories

Instagram stories have also become increasingly important when it comes to growing your account. Explore around with all the features that the app has to offer because a majority of them really do make for more interesting or eye catching content. Everything from the music library, to the gifs, to the filters will all help your story views increase, thus your engagement will improve too. So do not be afraid to use a multitude of these options to enhance your story aesthetic. Bonus points if you are digitally savvy and can go so far as crafting your own filters for public use.

Thoughtful Captions

Perhaps one of the hardest parts of posting in general is the caption. There are times when I am staring at my screen for longer than I care to admit, just rummaging through my brain to come up with something equally engaging, informative and funny. Taking the extra time to carefully craft the right caption will make the juice worth the squeeze – I promise! This strategy could translate to a short personal anecdote in the caption, tips or advice, motivational speak or maybe even a question you want to ask your followers. Anything to provoke your audience to take the time out of their own day to like, comment and save will translate to better engagement for your page.

Be Engaging Yourself

You give what you get – which also applies to Instagram too. If you are looking to boost your social media following in 2021, be sure to engage with others too. This includes interacting with other people’s posts, leaving comments, answering polls on stories, etc. Instagram is all about finding new people with similar interests so just taking a little bit of time out of your day to engage with who your following and your own followers will go a long way! Also, stay away from follower pods or influencer loops. Yes, this may provide you with short time growth on a post or so, but the app typically only rewards people with authentic engagement so those groups might end up doing more damage than good!

Stay Creative & Authentic

The last of my Instagram hacks is to really just be true to your own personal brand and image. Yes, every single social media platform is completely oversaturated, I admit it. Kids are literally growing up with the desire to be a vlogger (which there is nothing wrong with) but this just means there is a lot of competition and this will only steadily increase. If you want to boost your engagement on instagram in 2021, the best thing you can do is to harness your own authenticity. After all, there is nobody else like you, so let this be your sign to stop comparing yourself to others and to just be you.

If you follow my Instagram hacks above with intention, I am sure you will start to see an uptick in your engagement. Would you guys like to see a post on my Reels tips? Let me know in the comments & good luck!

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