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How to tie the perfect tie //

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Late summer to fall weddings are one of my favorite occasions around this time of the year. Not only that but I’m pretty excited that we’re headed into the last quarter of the year soon – so many festive celebrations to enjoy. I find something so therapeutic about the process of getting dressed up and it’s pretty exciting to pick out an outfit too. However, when it comes to my husband, it’s a whole different story. I’m usually the one hustling him to get dressed and helping him pick out the perfect outfit to accompany me. Any ladies out there who can relate?

So anyway, I was compelled to write a post on how to tie the perfect tie in case any of you need help getting your husband dressed up – or if any guys out there need some pointers! I’ll be covering some of the most classic necktie styles below so keep reading!

Bow Tie

I think the bowtie is becoming a more popular knot of choice because it’s modern, stylish, and super adorable! While you can opt for an easy clip or a pre-tied bow, I think it’s easy to know how to tie one from scratch. This style is trickier to explain in writing because both ends look exactly the same, but I will do my best.

How to tie the perfect tie //

Always start with the bow lying face up and with the left side slightly longer than the right. Move the left slide across the right, bringing it up and under the neck loop. Next, fold the right side across the intersection then back to the other side to form the bow shape. Now take the left side from under the neck loop and fold it down through the middle of the shape you just made. Fold this same side back towards the chest and then pinch it to create the other side of the bow. Push the folded side of the left through the loop behind the right. Tighten and adjust until equally balanced.

Quick and easy video demo here.

Four in Hand

If you already know how to tie a tie, this one is probably the style. I think it’s the most universal, simple, and versatile tie styles to know. To tie it, start with the wider end on the right and the smaller on the left. Make sure the skinner end is above your belly-button. From here, you only want to move the wide side. Make a full loop around the skinny end then tuck the wide end up under the collar. Bring it out from underneath and directly down through the loop you made.

Always remember to slide and adjust the knot as needed.



The Windsor knot can be recognized by its wide, triangular shape. I think this knot style looks best with wider ties and for formal events. It’s a little more complex than the four in hand so I’ll break it down into steps:

1. Like we did with the four in hand, start with the wider end on the right and the smaller on the left while ensuring the skinner end is above your belly-button. Note that however high up that side should be depends on the length of the tie and your size as well. From there, only move the wide end.

2. Cross the wide side over the skinny side and make a half loop around the skinny part, bringing the wide side up over the collar.

3. Now fold it behind the skinny end and bring the wide side back up to the loop from the front, pulling it through the neck loop.

4. Next, fold the wide end over the narrow end, concealing the two small loops you just made. Fold it under and over the neck loop, tucking the wide end through the front knot.

5. Slide the knot up and adjust as needed.

Excellent video demo here.

How to tie the perfect tie //

Half Windsor

The Half Windsor knot is slightly smaller than the Windsor and produces a pronounced dimple that makes it stylish and versatile. You know that the standard by now with ties is starting with the wider end on the right and the smaller on the left, ensuring the skinner end is above your belly-button. Only the wide ends move from this point forward. So to get this look:

1. Take the wide end over and under the narrow side then bring it up over the neck loop pulling it through and to the left.

2. Now fold the wide side over the front of the narrow end, sliding it up through the neck loop.

3. Pull the wide side down through the loop you just created in the front.

4. Slide and adjust as needed. (Video demo here.)

Which one is your favorite look for your beau ladies – and how about any guys out there?

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