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How to Mix Textures in Your Outfits Like a Pro - NYFW SS19 Recap, NYFW SS19 Street Style, holographic trend, metallic trend, sequin trend //

Magda Butryum Blouse | Attico Pants | Clear Bag Similar | Saint Laurent Earrings | Andy Wolf Sunglasses | Amina Muaddi Heels

When it comes to fashion, my general approach is to always have fun with it! After all, that is the reason why I fell in love with this industry in the first place. Having the freedom to express yourself through clothing without fear of judgement is probably the most liberating thing you can do. One of my favorite things about trends is making them my own. With so many materials to get playful with this season, it isn’t hard to concoct a fresh, head turning ensemble. If you’re new to combining textures, read on for my tips on how to mix textures like a fashion pro and create a cohesive look.

Velvet + Silk

I love using fabrics as a contrasting mechanism. In this look, I really wanted to channel some major boss lady vibes but with a more fashion-forward twist. In order to achieve this look, I stuck with a classic silhouette but mixed it up with some contrasting fabrics. This cream silk top is very office appropriate but by pairing it with these striking velvet pants, I was able to achieve a much more modish, chic look. In addition, the silhouette of the velvet pants has some really nice cinching around the waist that really emphasizes your curves. The two fabrics are completely different but when worn together, they create an amazing contrast.

Fur + Sequin

How to Mix Textures - Fur and Sequin textures //

In addition to fabric, I love playing with heavy textures, such as fur and sequin. Note that this is rather a bold and ultra glamorous combo given the intrinsic nature of each texture. But, if you’re up for it, the mashup can take your fashion game a step further! You can always start by playing up key details that make a difference – like a sequin dress with a fur clutch. Or you can go with a fur coat and sequin boots – subtle garnishes like this will still make you stand out. Here’s a look from last fashion week season when I wore a sequin adorned skirt with a plush fur coat.

Knit + Patent Leather

The assortments mentioned up to this point are rather dressy, so if you’re looking to mix textures in a more effortless and edgy way, knits with patent leather is the way to go. I love the look of patent leather pants (or a mini skirt) with an oversized sweater and poplin top underneath. There are so many variations of this look you can create, including a sweater dress with patent leather boots.
How to Mix Textures in Clothing - Patent Leather Pants //

Metallics + Cotton

Put metallics on your radar for fall and winter. My all-time favorite metallic fabrics goes to lamé. The pearly sheen and light texture always looks stunning. As it has a way of looking opulent all the time, your goal is to somehow tone down the dressiness unless you’re attending a cocktail party. My suggestion is to seek out basic cotton or jersey pieces you already own, such as a graphic tee, sweatshirt, or hoodie. And add sneakers if you must. I have always adored the look of a pleated shiny skirt with a plain white t-shirt.

LFW Day 3 Streetstyle metallic dress //

PVC, Beads, Holographic

NYFW SS19 Recap, NYFW SS19 Street Style, statement jewelry trend, clear bag trend //

One of the easiest ways to introduce diverse fabrications into your outfit is through accessories! My outfit completely transformed with the addition of this mini PVC handbag that cheekily shows all my essentials for the day. I also opted for these holographic heels to complete my look of mixed materials. These accessories instantly made my look more street chic and trend-forward.

Adding contrasting material, playing with texture, and topping it off with unique accessories are just some of the ways to produce an outfit that makes you stand apart from the crowd. I had so much fun putting this look together. Who knew silk, velvet, PVC and holography would make such a gorgeous combination. Never be afraid to get experimental with your looks because that is how some of the most memorable outfits are made!

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