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fashion blogger jessica wang with emily men and shares how to empower your bff // Jessica Wang -

Flights and vacations might be canceled, but we can all use a little connection in times like this. Although it’s probably easy for those of us with families and significant others, our single friends might tell a different story… That’s why I love apps like Bumble, which allow you to empower your BFF!

Bumble is a dating app that puts women at the forefront of making connections and initiating conversations. It not only takes the pressure off of men to make the first contact, but empowers women to be change-makers in their lives. I recently shared on my Instagram how I did a good deed and signed my BFF, Emily, up for Bumble and wanted to speak more on that today. So, if you have a BFF you’d like to empower this month (in honor of International Women’s Month), keep reading.

fashion blogger jessica wang using bumble and shares how to empower your bff // Jessica Wang -

Get them out of their comfort zone

I have huge respect for women getting out of their comfort zone and doing big things. It’s a motivating factor for me too, which is why I love Bumble’s mission to empower women to make the first move in love, life, and work.

I think it’s safe to say most women in our circles are already making strides in life and work, but they tend to step back when it comes to love.

If you find your BFF taking the back seat, check in and encourage them to get out of their comfort zone with Bumble. Bumble creates a safe space for women who don’t want to receive unsolicited messages from creepers and want to control the quality of the messages they receive. Since women make the first move, Bumble has achieved incomparably low reports of harassment and abuse in comparison to other apps.

What I appreciate about Bumble is that it can be used for casual dating – nothing serious required although don’t be surprised if a connection moves in that direction.

fashion blogger jessica wang with emily men and shares how to empower your bff // Jessica Wang -

Create a Bumble bio

Take the guesswork out of Bumble for them and create that profile. Start with a minimally edited profile pic. Then, have fun with the blurbs. Be sure to share specific anecdotes or phrases that showcase your BFF’s personalities, hobbies, and

fashion blogger jessica wang bumble profile // Jessica Wang -
likes/dislikes. Keep it short but specific! If your BFF is adventurous and up for just about anything, sign her up here, then tell her about it later!

Encourage them to make the first move

Now that a profile is up and running, empower your BFF by encouraging her to make the first move. It might seem like this is the worst time to talk to new people, but remember, social distancing does not equal loneliness. And Bumble, in fact, is a great solution for that. Bumble’s voice call option or video chat feature within the app make virtual connections safe and easy.

Don’t forget to bumble with your BFF too. Go through the matches and see if there’s anyone that you think would be a good fit. Then, get the girl to send that first message. Within a few messages, your BFF should have an idea if she wants to take it to the next step.

How are you empowering your BFFs this month?

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Bumble. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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