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Have you ever found the cutest pair of sunglasses that look insanely gorgeous on a model yet looks ridiculous on you? To me, one of the worst feelings is eagerly awaiting for a package to arrive only to find out how unfit it is. If you can relate, then this post is for you. Having learned my lessons in buying sunglasses the hard way, I know now that picking the right pair comes down to face shape. Understanding which silhouettes and styles work best for you makes the world of a difference…and saves you time and money because you always make the right choice! Here is how to choose the perfect sunglasses based on your face shape.

By Face Shape

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Let’s start out with my own face shape – oval. There was a point in time where I only stuck to basic frames because I was never really sure what would look good on me. But as my style grew more daring, I finally decided to delve into bolder styles and shapes. The great thing about oval face shapes is that most sunglasses look great on.

With oval shapes, our faces tend to be longer, so it is really important to keep proportion in mind. Both oversized and smaller frames look good but it’s important to not go overboard. When in doubt, choose sunglasses that cover from the eyebrows to cheekbones for a nice balance.

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For people with a rounder face shape, your facial features are much softer and with slightly wider cheekbones. Keeping this in mind, the perfect pair of sunglasses is a great way to contour the shape of your face and emphasize your jawline. This includes shades with sharper features such as squared rims, cat eye, and aviators. All of the aforementioned work to make your face shape appear longer and thinner. Darker lenses and frames also tend to narrow the face a lot more.

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If you have a heart-shaped face, this means the bottom half is narrower than the upper portion. Heart-shaped faces are also known as triangle. When shopping for sunglasses, your goal should be to balance out your look by putting more emphasis on the lower portion of the face, rather than the forehead. Shapes that will flatter a heart face include aviators, round frames, and rimless glasses. Thin wire frames or other light, minimal styles look stylish and natural too.


A square shaped face is defined by having an almost identical length and width. Generally, the features are much more defined and angular, which means that your sunglasses of choice should work to soften and balance.

With a square face, you can go full incognito mode because oversized sunglasses look absolutely killer. Any round, oval, or drop shaped frames work to visually balance proportions.

My Favorite Sunglass Shapes

Now that we covered the bases with face shapes, I wanted to dive in a little deeper into a few of my favorite sunglass styles.

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First up is the classic aviator. If your face is round or square-shaped, then slightly larger aviator sunglasses work better. While you can get away with classic tear-drop lenses, but squared off edges can be even more flattering if your face is larger. For those of us with oval and heart-shaped faces, we can get away with virtually every lens style on aviators since the metal and sometimes rimless frames don’t take up too much real estate.

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Cat-eye sunglasses are super trendy right now so I just had to cover them. Flat-top with slightly angled lenses are a universally flattering shape for everyone. My only caveat is that oval-shaped faces can get away with smaller versions while rounder faces are better off sticking to oversized frames that curve up. Thicker frames are also flattering for larger faces. For square faces, rounded out edges will help soften your stronger jawline and facial features.

Knowing your own face shape is extremely helpful for a variety of different scenarios but especially when shopping for sunglasses when you don’t have the luxury of trying them on. What are some of your tips on how you choose the perfect sunglasses for your face shape?

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