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fashion blogger jessica wang wears silk pajamas and shares etsy shops to support during coronavirus // Jessica Wang -

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There’s no doubt that everyone is going through some sort of struggle right now but I have soft spot for small businesses. Although I love shopping the typical Amazon, Nordstrom, and Target, I’ve also been trying to be conscious about supporting small business. One of the best ways to access small business goods from your home is getting on Etsy. I find Etsy to be a reservoir for unique, handmade gifts and home accessories made by indie shops and independent sellers. You really can’t find these goods anywhere else. Today, I wanted to share some of the Etsy shops that I love and know could really use your support right now!

fashion blogger jessica wang wears silk pajamas and shares etsy shops to support during coronavirus // Jessica Wang -

Face Masks

I see a lot of pretty face masks being sold out there, but are they actually made to CDC standards? These face masks take the guess work out of it. They’re made with multiple fabric layers, a filter pocket (for extra protection), and the inner layer is lined with soft cotton, which makes them really nice to wear. You can pick from multiple fabrics – although many are selling out fast! These make a great gift for healthcare workers or even Mother’s Day!

Handmade Soaps

Commercial soaps found in your major retail stores are often made with chemical detergents and synthetic ingredients that aren’t exactly “nourishing” for the skin. That’s why I love handmade soaps formulated with natural butters and essential oils. I’m obsessed with the smell of lavender because it reminds me of happy days in Provence – and this bar soap by OliveAndYewSkincare embodies just that! I’m also curious about this charcoal facial soap!

Quarantine Cards

I love cute Etsy shops like this one. This little stationary shop makes super adorable pandemic postcards – all perfect for some snail mail love. There are 5 cards in one set with cute pun messages that work for friends, co-workers, or family.

Pampas Grass

Pampas grass is the home decor (and possibly wedding) trend that everyone is on right now. The neutral color and voluminous texture offer a really unique way to spruce up the home. If you like that full look, this set here from PampasPeople is perfect, but if you’re after a smaller set, you’ll love these from RichPampas.

Reusable Cotton Rounds

If you’re looking to live a bit more sustainably, then it’s time to introduce reusable cotton rounds to your beauty routine. These reusable bamboo rounds have multiple uses and promote a zero-waste lifestyle. Use them to remove makeup, apply toner, or anything else. They’re huge so you’ll get miles out of them.

Dainty Rings

The next time you’re on the hunt for dainty, stackable rings, forgo mass-produced brands at all the major retailers and head straight to Etsy. Hannah Naomi’s minimalist rings range from gold hammered styles to thick bands and wrap-around rings – all of which are uber stylish, timeless, and unique.

Coffee Sampler

If you’re a true coffee addict and enjoy different taste profiles, then you’ll love this sustainable, World Sampler bundle. You get a mix of fruity, classic, balanced and bold flavors that come from South America, Africa, and beyond.

Intention Candles

The next time you burn through a candle, indulge in an indie crystal candle that’s been blessed with intention. Lighting a candle serves many different purposes, and intention candles are said to bring inspiration and help your vision for your life come true. NewMoonMediaCo candles are topped with crystals in a specific grid pattern that promote the energies associated with the crystal. (Also loving these regular candles!)

Agate Coasters

Agate coasters are perfect as decor since you can store your favorite jewelry pieces on them and they just look plain stunning on any countertop. I like the blush and gold designs here by MyCrystalRoomShop.

How often do you guys buy things on Etsy? If you have any particular favorite Etsy shops, definitely share them with me below!

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