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The world of fashion might lead you to believe that having a perfect wardrobe – or channeling great personal style requires a load of clothes, but I have to admit that is quite a wasteful way of dressing. Since I’m still in that “new year” state of mind, I wanted to share the effortless ways you can build a better wardrobe this year.

For me building a better wardrobe is about working with a foundation of great staples I can wear everyday – and not just for one or two occasions. It’s what I wear when I have no where to go – or when I feel like nobody’s watching. With a better wardrobe, you dress better with little thought and effort. And as a result, your outfits naturally turn heads wherever you go. Here’s how to achieve that.

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Have a few good statement pieces

While having a heap of one off pieces you’ll rarely wear is impractical, I think it absolutely makes sense to own a few good statement pieces. To me, the statement gems worth investing in are a coat, a pair of shoes, or a unique handbag. For 2019, good examples of this would be the takeout bag, a pleather trench, or some feathered heels. 

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Buy into trends with longevity

I’ll be honest that I’m definitely not the best at doing this, but it pays off in the long run. If you’re someone who simply likes clothes or are on a budget, only buy into the trends with longevity. For 2019, examples of this would be the straw bag, power suits, and slip dresses – NOT cycling shorts and visor sunglasses.

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Add a few colors to your wardrobe

I’m not telling you this because I love color, but because it really freshens up a neutral look. I’m a huge proponent of buying neutrals and wearing darker colors because they naturally elevate your style and are easier to work with. However, color can enhance your complexion and inject life into what would otherwise be a boring outfit. Not sure what colors to try? I’m obsessed with greens, red, and yellow. (Try these pieces here, here, and here.)

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Stay inspired by new brands and stores

One of the reasons why we buy into other trends so quickly is because we see someone else styling it in a way we want to mimic. I also think many of us get too comfortable with what we already know and like. For instance, Zara, Nordstrom, Asos… If you’re really committed to building a better wardrobe this year, I challenge you to stay inspired by looking for new brands. You can start here. Keeping up with up and coming brands will help you find truly unique pieces that you’re beyond excited to wear.

Have a “uniform”

Let’s be honest – most of us don’t actually have the time to think of and research styling tricks daily. So, always have a uniform ready for days you simply need to get up and get out. Know what looks good on you and don’t be afraid to wear that formula over and over again. Then when you find variations of pieces that makeup that look, buy it. I know I’ll always love the look of a white tee tucked into cropped jeans with a pair of booties. If you like classier style, maybe it’s mules.

Do you guys have any style resolutions for this year? Share them with me below!

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