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I‘m all about rare and unique finds that will make life efficient, seamless, and effective. However, I also realize I’m blinded by what’s available to me, oftentimes limiting my finds to big box retailers. And even though I’m an Amazon addict, I sometimes don’t even know the keywords to search to find what I need. If you’re craving genius inventions to upgrade your routine, I’m sharing 12 hidden gems on Amazon that will change your life today!

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hidden gems on amazon, trending vintage pieces, trending vintage handbags, fendi baguette bag, fendi bags on ebay, fendi logo bag //


1. Rapid Egg Cooker

Who doesn’t love eggs for breakfast? This little appliance makes breakfast (and healthy eating) a breeze – if you’re into that. I’m very picky about the yolk of my eggs and like it to be soft but not too runny. This one nails that balance flawlessly. The shell also comes off pretty easily!


2. Nipple Covers

I’ve raved about these nipple covers so many times on the blog now – and it’s because they’re seriously that good! The adhesive works incredibly well and allows for multiple uses. It’s also truly seamless and undetectable under clothing. This is my go-to for backless dresses, deep V-cuts, strapless tops – and even tanks.


3. Hermes Oran Dupes

One of my biggest requests is to link affordable options. So for those of you who have been coveting the infamous Hermes Oran sandals, I just discovered this pair on Amazon a few weeks ago. It looks just as good as the real thing and doesn’t feel cheap either!


4. Flint Reusable Lint Roller

In my line of work, I’m all about efficiency and convenience. This lint roller is by far the most convenient one I’ve ever used. I love how it’s travel-friendly and comes with a beautiful design.


5. Reusable Ziplock Bags

Ziplock bags is one of those things that I keep my kitchen heavily stocked with. However, I’ve always wondered why there wasn’t a more eco-friendly alternative till I discovered this set. They’re perfect for packing the kids snacks, storing food, and freezing fruits or vegetables.


6. Wine Condoms

It’s not that kind of condom! If you’re a wine drinker and haven’t heard of a wine condom, you’ve been missing out. This is rubber for your wine – to prolong freshness, prevent spills, and make it easier to store. These also make for great gifts and party favors for the hostess!

7. Microfiber Makeup Sponge

I read about these on Byrdie several months back and finally decided to give them a try, and I’m impressed. If you don’t feel like spending $20 on a Beauty Blender, then gives these applicators a chance. I feel like they soak up less makeup than the Beauty Blender and still offer a smooth, airbrush-like finish. I wouldn’t consider these to be a dupe or an alternative – they’re just different. The beauty of these is that you can use this to apply creams, liquids, and powders.


8. Facial Ice Roller

You guys know that I’m obsessed with facial tools and this ice roller has been my latest indulgence. It’s instantly refreshing and helps with pain relief, puffiness, and even migraines! I like how long these stay cool, which I don’t often get from other types of face rollers. And considering it’s summer, it’s really the best time to grab one now!


9. Meat Defrosting Tray

I’m that mom who often forgets to properly defrost meat in advance, but that doesn’t even matter anymore because there’s this nifty defrosting tray! It’s basically a heating pad that defrosts meats, vegetables and anything else quickly without taking away the taste and nutrition. I love how the pad stays cool even when it’s turned on.


10. Portable Jewelry Organizer

One of the most difficult things to pack and travel with is jewelry! This little organizer makes it so seamless with compartments for watches, jewelry, and necklaces. It also rolls up nicely so that you can stash it in your suitcase or duffel bag. The best part is, it doesn’t tangle up any of my trinkets!


11. iSteam Iron Steamer

I’m often so frustrated with steamers because they leak water, but this one has been a game changer. It releases only steam (no water droplets) quickly. Don’t let the size full you – the steam is strong and produces incredible results. If you travel often, definitely pick this one up!


12. Fruit & Veggie Life Extender Liner

Since my schedule can change instantly at any given moment, it’s so easy for my fruits and veggies to go to waste. This lightweight foam is designed to let air circulate around fruits and vegetables, which prevents spoilage. And it actually works. If you can’t seem to eat up your fruits and veggies in just a few days, add this to your fridge now!


Any new discoveries from Amazon? Share them below!

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