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Grey Goose Vodka New Years Eve Party // jessicawang.comGrey Goose Vodka New Years Eve Party // jessicawang.comGrey Goose Vodka New Years Eve Party // jessicawang.comGrey Goose Vodka New Years Eve Party // jessicawang.comGrey Goose Vodka New Years Eve Party // jessicawang.comGrey Goose Vodka New Years Eve Party //
Throw a party like a pro with my go-to–Grey Goose. I have some of my own hosting tips too! You’re just a hop, skip, and a jump away from having a party to remember.

Christmas is fast approaching, and the next thing you know, you’ve got New Year’s Eve knocking on your doorstep. If you want to have the best and most rockin’ NYE festivities, it’s time to start thinking about some sips and snacks for your big fete.

So now you’re wondering: how do you throw an easy, fun and intimate party at home? I love entertaining at home, so I definitely have some tips for you.

1) Delight your guests

Grey Goose on the rocks is already amazing on its own. But if you want to take it to the next level, add some ingredients that will take your cocktail game to new heights. My personal favorite add-ons are fresh herbs. This is something out of the box for most people, since they normally think of fruits first. However, herbs take your cocktails from average to deliciously unforgettable. I made a Lemon, Thyme, Blueberry Fizz as well as a Grapefruit Thyme Martini, both made with Grey Goose. The two cocktails were a hit! The citrusy and herbal taste profiles were a perfect match.

2) Serving a variety of snacks

A party is sure to become stale if you serve the same kind of snacks all night long. Serve favorites with a twist. Instead of plain old pretzels, dip them in chocolate and sea salt for an extra kick of flavor. A great cheese and charcuterie board also goes a long, long way in making sure your guests are happily snacking away. Serve both soft and hard cheeses, and make sure to serve complementary fruits and nuts to go along with it.

3) Make an awesome playlist

A mix of current hits with some classic throwback tunes makes for a great party playlist. Make sure to adjust the volume to match the current mood of the party. Keep it a bit low at the start of the night to facilitate better conversation, but don’t be afraid to turn it up later on when people are in the mood to dance!

4) Set the mood

Think of your lighting when setting the mood of your party. Candles and twinkle lights always elevate the party mood.

5) Games

It’s best to research some games before the night of the party so that you can be ready with the rules and some props for the games. If you have the time or the budget, some small prizes will be much appreciated and enjoyed by your guests.

6) Make sure everyone gets home safe

As the host of the party, you’re responsible for everyone there. Leave a bowl in the front foyer or by the coat rack for people’s keys. If they take an Uber home, at least all of your guest’s keys are in one place.

Feeling ready to host the party of the year? Grey Goose will be your companion this party season. Happy Holidays! And happy hosting!


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