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Get ready to let green charm its way into your heart this fall season. The foliage has begun losing its luster, but you don’t have to. For me, it’s all about playing with colors. You can keep green going strong throughout fall by looking to your wardrobe. Who would’ve ever thought green boots could work? But they totally do. I wasn’t sold on the idea at first, but when I discovered how easy it is to wear this color year-round, I was hooked. Here are some natural ways to incorporate green into fall.


Try silky fabrics

How To Style Green For Fall //

There is an elegance in the fall air that I can’t describe. I guess that’s why I love rich tones and silky fabrics for my fall wardrobe. Styling silky fabrics are simple and stunning, especially in teal. A silky skirt matched with a tweed jacket. A silky blouse with a leather skirt. Fall demands opulent tones like teal, so why not dive deep into the fall vibe.


Slip into emerald shoes

How To Style Green For Fall //

I’ve never imagined myself wearing green boots, but I surprised myself once I learned how chic they looked in this outfit.Go for knee-high boots to make a statement and booties for a tinge of emerald shine. Don’t be afraid to experiment with green pumps, sneakers, and flats! I think you’ll realize that you haven’t given green enough credit after all these years. Plus, jewel tones like this fit nicely into the fall season.

Mix up the shades

How To Style Green For Fall //

Have fun with color. Fall does not have to be subdued despite what fashion experts might say. I thrive on making my own statements in the fashion world, hence the mixing of greens with other colors and shades. Seafoam, mint, olive – all of these greens are stunning when played upon each other.

How To Style Green For Fall //

Pair with white

The classic pairing of black and white has been revamped. Now, mixing white with other colors is becoming the new trend. Even into fall, feel free to wear white, but opt for creamy whites rather than brighter ones. I love this jade green tie dress and ruffled white blouse. It’s playful and yet feels sophisticated. Don’t be afraid to try other green tones, too. Green in the fall arouses the senses.

Find green florals

How To Style Green For Fall //

It’s the real fashionista who can take a shade like green and make it work for any season. Using green florals in the fall becomes a cinch when the fabrics and the patterns align with the fall mood. Find vintage fabrics that blend well with neutral colors. Select color patterns and details that stand up alone as one entire piece, like this incredibly succulent floral dress. To transition pieces like this into fall, all you need is a pair of boots and a sharp looking fitted jacket.

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