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Ruffle Tiered Dress //

Ruffle Tiered Dresses //

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I‘ve always been a fan of tiered dresses, especially the ones in bolder colors, and prints but this ruffle tiered one made me wanted to twirl all over Italy. What makes the tiered dress so different from all types of other dresses is that it’s extra flirty without being overly sexy. It’s perfect for casual wear, like how I paired mine with sneakers, and it could easily turn into a piece to wear on a special occasion.

For me, this dress is not the piece to go minimal on. The more layers the better. Whether you prefer your dresses short or long, this dress is the one that’ll look good no matter whichever.

Ruffle Tiered Dress // NotJessFashion.comRuffle Tiered Dress // NotJessFashion.comRuffle Tiered Dresses //


I’ve rounded up some of my favorite dresses in each section below so that you can find one that will suit you.

Mini Tiered Dresses

A mini dress is already so cute to wear for brunch dates and weekend outings. Walking around in a tiered dress adds so much flounce in each step you take and simply put you in an even better mood. Mini dresses are best paired with sandals and wedges to make your legs look even slimmer and longer.

Midi Tiered Dresses

I love a good midi dress. When it comes to midi dress, the length can make your look quite modest, but a tiered midi dress keeps it fun and youthful. I especially love wearing a midi tiered dress with some chunky heels!

Maxi Tiered Dresses

Take it to the max with a maxi tiered dress because this is the one that’ll bring all the drama. Although it could feel way too dressy, pairing it with a casual piece such as sneakers could make this look so stylish and chic in an effortless way.

So, what’s your take on tiered dresses? Would love to hear your take on this dress style!

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