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trends that are going to blow up in 2020 featuring zebra print blazer //

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Lately, there seems to be one winter sale after another – and I have to be honest, I’m quite shopped out. But when I think about this upcoming fashion week, I’m pretty excited about all the new fashion trends to try. Fashion month is such an exciting time to scout out what’s on the rise before it becomes mainstream. And part of my job is to figure out what I want to showcase on the streets. While I’m still doing my research, I wanted to share some of the trends that are going to blow up in 2020 so you can employ them now!

trends that are going to blow up in 2020 featuring plaid skirt and loafers //
1. Loafers

Fall and winter has been all about boots and sneakers, but there’s another style taking the spotlight: loafers! I’m sure this is great new for everyone because loafers are not only super chic but practical and comfortable. If you’re considering new ways to make this classic piece feel new, consider styling it with socks and a midi dress.

trends that are going to blow up in 2020 featuring brown leather skirt //

2. Brown

Beige was all the rage throughout 2019, and to be frank, it was starting to become yawn-inducing. I’m so glad brown is taking over. It’s surely the new neutral to wear if you’re not into bold, bright colors. Ease into the trend with a pair of brown pants and pair it with a white turtleneck and loafers for a classic but modern outfit.

3. Two-Tone Fashion

The trend that’s slowly picking up steam is spliced or two-tone fashion. There’s everything from funky knitwear to sleek jeans and even shoes available in two-tone designs. It’s certainly statement-making – and that’s exactly why I’m anticipating to see this one all over the streets of fashion week next month!

trends that are going to blow up in 2020 //

4. Ankle Chain

If you love your bling, you’ll appreciate that ankle chains are becoming a thing again. While you can shop chains separately, I’m loving shoes that have chains worked into the strap. It adds instant chic to trousers or denim or use it to spruce up a basic black dress!

checkered sweater, black and white outfit //
5. Checkers

Checks are quickly becoming an iconic print of 2020. Stick with a classic white and black palette like I did above or venture off into new territory with flashy sequins. You can wear a checkered print with a neutral color palette or mix it with animal prints for a fashion-forward ensemble.

What fashion trends are you most excited about this year?

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