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Fashion Details that Make a Big Impact - Roger Vivier Event, Zimmerman Dress //

Zimmerman Dress | Roger Vivier Clutch | Charlotte Olympia Heels | Kate Spade Sunglasses

Dressing well can come down to a lot of things such as what is trending, knowing how to accessorize and so forth. However, a lot of it actually comes back to dressing for your body type and being confident in what you are wearing. I bet one could rock a plain t-shirt and jeans but have amazing confidence and people would still label them as fashion-forward. Understanding your body type and knowing what works, as well as what you feel comfortable in is the secret to style success.

I’ll be hosting a Meet & Greet and styling sessions this Saturday, August 11, with Express, which you can sign up for here! I’d love to share with you exactly what to look for when it comes to clothing because only a few key fashion details make a big impact. For now, here are the little details you can start with.

fashion details that make a big impact - open back dress //

Open Back

Especially in the summer when it is easier to forgo any outerwear, open back tops or dresses always make me feel more confident. In fact, I think the back is one of the most underrated parts of the body. There is just something so alluring and beautiful about it, so why not show it off? Open back tops is something that I feel everyone should try!

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Square Neckline

Not only is the square neckline trendy this season but it is also extremely flattering on the body. Similar to the off-the-shoulder, this type of cut lets you show off your neckline and shoulders without being too revealing. Just flashing this small amount of skin can make a huge difference in how clothing looks on. I think I will continue to gravitate towards square necklines even as we transition into fall.

fashion details that make a big impact - square neckline //

Cinched Waist

I have a natural affinity towards any type of dress. However, I know that shopping for maxi dresses can be a little difficult though as you try to find one that fits and does not look overwhelming on the body. That is why I look for pieces with a cinched waist silhouette. This detail allows the smallest part of your waist to be emphasized so you don’t end up getting lost in the dress.

If a piece you own doesn’t define your waist line as nicely as you’d like, you can always add a belt for reinforcement – something I do often.

fashion details that make a big impact - cinched waist//

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Ruffles & Frills

Lastly, I had to mention my love for anything ruffly, frilly, and flirty. Whether it be a flutter sleeve top, asymmetrical skirt, or a combination of both. These details make me feel confident because I am a fairly petite woman and this sort of silhouette accentuates my curves and elongates my legs. Not to mention, they draw attention from others effortlessly and will give you a boost of confidence.

Travel in Style - Chic travel outfits, white puffy sleeve blouse, blue asymmetrical skirt, summer travel outfits //

These are just some of the details I look for in clothing, which can make a huge difference in the way I wear something. Knowing what looks good on but most importantly, what makes you feel good goes a long way. What is a detail you look for when shopping for clothes?

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