Your Guide For The Exact Skincare Regimen For Each Skin Type

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No joke, your best accessory is your skin and a skincare regimen is worth developing. You’ve got to really look after it if you hope to make lasting impressions and feel good about yourself all the way up until you reach your golden years. Knowing your skin type will assist in achieving your best skin ever. Seek the counsel of a dermatologist or a skin care expert, then follow these skin care regimes and see if in a matter of weeks you don’t notice a difference.

Normal Skin

Normal Skin - Your Guide For The Exact Skincare Regimen For Each Skin Type //

Photo by Phillips

We all wish we had normal skin, but the truth is, we’re not all so lucky. If you are blessed and have normal skin, this is the skincare regimen you should follow.

Day:  Cleanse with a toner, avoid alcohol-based ingredients as they dry out the suppleness of normal skin. Gentle cleansers are good to use, too. Apply a moisturizer that has plenty of SPF, but remember, it’s not about the strength of the SPF, but the generous application; go for two layers.

Night:  The cleansing routine for normal skin will be the same as during the day. For nighttime moisture, find something with Vitamin C, antioxidants, and revitalizing essential oils. Go for a cream or serum to keep that normal skin glowing.


Dry Skin 

Dry Skin - - Your Guide For The Exact Skincare Regimen For Each Skin Type //

Photo by Prima

If you have dry skin it means you have cracks on the surface that aren’t necessarily visible to the naked eye. Through these cracks, moisture escapes. So your primary focus is to seal in the moisturizer whatever the cost. This skincare regimen will keep your skin bouncy and shiny without too much effort.

Day:  A cleaning lotion, one that doesn’t foam or lather, is ideal and the perfect cleanser would be one that has a milk base.  No matter what, do not buy or apply any products that include SD alcohol 40, denatured alcohol, ethanol and isopropyl alcohol or you will be asking to dry out your skin like never before.  A daytime serum that has Vitamin E plus sunscreen will be your best friend.

Night:  Stay true to the daytime cleansing routine and don’t skip it.  To get the best out of your sleeping hours, go for a serum over a cream because the molecules are smaller and able to permeate the skin easier.  Sweet almond, jojoba, and cranberry oils all have immense powers by imitating skin’s natural lipids and sealing in moisture like never before; apply them directly or add a few drops to your favorite moisturizer.  Select eye creams that have peptides to further ensure moisturizing madness that will help you achieve hydrated skin.


Oily Skin 

Oily Skin - Your Guide For The Exact Skincare Regimen For Each Skin Type //

Photo by Allure

It can be tough managing oily skin. Woman with oily skin has higher levels of sebum production and larger oil glands.  This is entirely genetic. While it’s not a bad skin type to have, or makeup wearer or those who suffer from acne, it can be problematic. Follow this skincare routine for optimal results.   

Day: Cleansing three times a day will help keep the oil production low and keep bacteria at bay which can be an issue for this skin type. Try cleansers that have ingredients like geranium or witch hazel which naturally cut the oil production without over drying. Do not skip moisturizing, that’s a misconception.  Go for oil-free moisturizers with sodium PCA and glycerin in the ingredients because they are humectants that will help your skin retain moisture without all the greasiness.  Also, zinc oxide sunscreen is the best choice because it will give a matte finish to your skin complexion.

Night:  Same cleansing routine as for the daytime. Apply retinol as it will reduce the size of the pores, so will moisturizers with alpha-hydroxy acids or beta-hydroxy acids.  If you’re acne-prone, ingredients like salicylic acid and tea tree oil to keep your skin clear and brighten any dullness.


Combination Skin

Combination Skin - Your Guide For The Exact Skincare Regimen For Each Skin Type //

Photo by OroGoldDay

Here is where many of us fall in the skin type category. Instead of following two skincare regimes, you want to find a balance.

Day: The skincare cleansing regimen for oily skin is best suited for combination skin, but should your skin become dry, swap out the cleanser for a cleansing lotion. The toner will follow suit. For a moisturizer, go for light-weight and something with antioxidants to maintain brilliance.

Nights:  Don’t stray from the daytime skin routine. For serums and moisturizers, you will be wise to select anything that an oily skin client would use, but in some cases, the dry skin suggestions might be a better option.


Sensitive Skin 

Sensitive Skin - Your Guide For The Exact Skincare Regimen For Each Skin Type //

Photo by Janeiredale

Sensitive skin is not skin that breaks out easily.  Nope, that’s not sensitive skin. It means skin that easily irritates or turns red without much agitation.  This type of skin requires delicate applications and products and avoiding anything aggressive.

DaySulfate free cleansers are highly recommended as are toners with chamomile or green tea extracts; these ingredients help soothe the skin and restore it to a good pH balance where inflammation isn’t an issue.  All products that have alcohol or synthetic ingredients, even scents or colorings, must be avoided. For sun protection, the best bet is zinc oxide SPF.

NightThe skincare regimen for the night is the exact same. Be sure to apply a scent-free moisturizer that has vitamin E to calm any irritations that may have occurred during the day.


Aging Skin

Aging Skin - Your Guide For The Exact Skincare Regimen For Each Skin Type //

Photo by Kirei-AntiAging

Aging skin doesn’t start at any certain age. When you see skin sagging, wrinkles and dry spot appearing, and a general dryness throughout, you’re in the aging skin range. It can start in your twenties, believe it or not. This skincare regimen is about revitalizing, regaining moisture, and boosting collagen.

Day: The skincare regimen will be the same as the dry skin type. Avoid AHA and BHA in your products. 

Night: Follow the dry skin regime, but add in a gentle exfoliator to remove dead skin cells before they weigh down the skin and deepen wrinkles. For a nighttime serum, of course, select ingredients like collagen, antioxidants, vitamin C, peptides, and hydraulic acid. It doesn’t hurt to get started too early. Eye creams that offer peptides and fast-absorbing power are ideal. Moisturizers with retinol will help even out wrinkle lines and prevent new ones from forming.  


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