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jessica wang wearing a yellow keyhole blouse with white jeans at the airport while sharing her travel essential items // Jessica Wang -

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On the way to the Hamptons the other day, I had a lot of people reach out to me about the equipment I was using and essential items I travel with. I thought it would be a good idea to finally compile a blog post of all my travel necessities for both my work and personal needs. Everything from what I use to shoot my photos solo to the must-have items I bring in my bag, no matter where I go. All of that and more is laid out here for your easy reference! I highly back all of these products for any of your upcoming adventures. So if you are interested, here is a guide of all my recommended travel necessities.

jessica wang wearing a yellow blouse with white jeans and zenni glasses while sharing her essential travel items // Jessica Wang -

Selfie Stick

The selfie stick is seriously my best friend and I will continue to use it unabashedly wherever I go. It is incredibly portable and able to fit in almost all of your medium to large sized handbags. I love this one because it features 3 different light settings and most importantly, it comes with a remote! This makes it so easy to self-shoot to a distance of up to 30 ft.


This tripod is a travel essential! It is made of heavy duty aluminum so it is very sturdy. However, it is also incredibly light, making it really convenient to throw in your travel bag. It extends to 51”, which allows you to get a wide variety of angles when you are shooting alone too!


I always carry a baggy of makeup for touch ups when I am out and about. Not going to lie, when showcasing the items in my bag on Instagram stories, I had everything in a regular bag. However, there are cuter options you can grab from Amazon.

jessica wang wearing ruffle tiered dress in Italy while sharing her essential travel items // Jessica Wang -

Portable Spray Bottles

A quick spritz of the fragrance I am wearing that day always makes me feel refreshed. Instead of carrying around your full sized bottle all day, try out these refillable travel bottles. It is the size of a lipstick and I like to keep one in my bag at all times.

Blotting Sheets

Especially in the summertime, blotting sheets are a must for me. Just a few quick dabs and you can free your face of any excess sweat and oil. This really helps me to keep any breakouts at bay!

Pill Holder

Since I am constantly on-the-go, I would often forget to take my daily vitamins. This little pill holder saved me countless times! It has 8 different compartments so you can keep your pills and vitamins organized for easy access.

jessica wang wearing a patterned face mask, a silk one shoulder top, and wide leg denim jeans while sharing her essential items for traveling // Jessica Wang -


When it comes to my essential items while traveling, airpods are something I always need to have on me for both work and play. It allows me to edit my Instagram Reels, watch content and listen to music, all while out-and-about. If you are looking for a case, I found this stylish holder that you can clip on to your travel bag.


Of course, it is always good to have some face masks on you for when you are out in public. If you have been on the hunt for a washable, lightweight option, there is this 3 pack on Amazon (a neutral and a pastel option). They are really comfortable to wear and can easily blend in with your outfits.


Just like the face mask, I also cannot get anywhere without a portable hand sanitizer. I am constantly using this after out in a public place or before eating, just to play on the safe side. Stock up and grab this travel 12 pack so you can give them out to your family or put one in each bag.

jessica wang wearing a blazer with jeans and cold weather boots while sharing her travel essential items // Jessica Wang -

Breath Mints

My favorite breath mints are the Listerine Cool Mint Pocket Packs. These were made to be suitable for all types of travel since the packaging is slim and convenient. Just pop one of the strips in for instantly fresh breath.

Seamless Hair Ties

When I quickly need to tie my hair up, I always reach for a seamless hair tie. Rather than the regular old ones, these are made of sturdy nylon which does not leave any creases. If you decide to put your hair down again, it will look the same as it did before.

All of the above are the things I will most likely stash in my bag, no matter what my destination is. Let me know what your essential items for traveling are!

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