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Dress for your unique body type - petite frame, petite style, petite fashion // Green Leather Jacket from What Goes Around Comes Around | Noon by Noor Green Embroidered Dress | Christina Lombardi Heels Similar | Mark Cross Mini Box Clutch | Illesteva Geometric Sunglasses (Similar)Vintage Chanel Earrings and Necklace from What Goes Around Comes Around

Everyone has a unique body type which influences the way we dress and style ourselves. It’s important to know and understand the features you want to highlight and divert attention from so you can shop smarter and buy pieces that will look flattering on. Since we all come in different shapes and sizes, what works for me may not necessarily work for you. Over the years of documenting myself, I’ve definitely become better at styling pieces for my body and helping my friends and family with dressing theirs. I figured now would be a great time to share some advice on how to dress for your unique body type.

Below, I’ve outlined the key body types to help you pinpoint what will work best for you:

How to Dress for Your Unique Body Type - Petite Fashion, Petite Style //

Petite Bodies

I am fairly petite so I like to wear clothing that accentuates my legs to make me appear taller. I do this by wearing cropped blouses, high waisted trousers, and jackets with belts. You probably notice that I often wear long, floor-grazing gowns or coats – and I do this intentionally because they also make me appear taller. (Fun fact, I’m under 5’4!) Although gowns aren’t always practical, you can turn to casual maxi dresses, skirts, or wide leg pants.

Hourglass Shape

If you carry weight on the top and lower half of your body, wear clothing that accentuates your waistline. Styles that are cinched at the waist will always be more flattering for your figure because it highlights your curves. Consider fitted blouses or bodysuits and avoid long tops. High-waisted pants also look great with this body shape, and tucking in your tops can really highlight your curves. When you are shopping for outerwear, look for coats and jackets that include belts. I obviously don’t have an hourglass figure, but this photo is prime example of how a cinched waist and fitted top can highlight curves.

How to Dress for Your Unique Body Type - Hourglass shape, high-waisted pants //

How to Dress for Your Unique Body Type - apple shape styling tips, Dolce & Gabbana Hydrangea Shift Dress //

Apple Shape

If you are curvy with a wider waist, you will want to highlight your shoulders and legs to detract from your center. Look for low-waisted, straight leg jeans, and flowy tops that will play down your waist. Shift dresses like the one I’m wearing here are also great because they don’t highlight your mid-section.

If you love to wear dresses, go strapless but avoid empire-waist styles! They are very flattering for this particular body shape. Lower necklines also look incredible, just remember to wear a camisole to avoid any potential wardrobe malfunctions.

You can always accessorize the neckline with a choker and wear delicate bracelets to add some arm candy.

Pear Shape

How to Dress for Your Unique Body Type - pear shape styling tips //

A pear shape means that you have a slim torso and curves on the bottom. With this body shape, it’s imperative that you try to elongate your top half to balance your figure out. They key is to draw attention towards your torso. Draw attention to your top half by adorning beautifully embellished tops and going for plunging or v-necklines. When picking out dresses and skirts, A-line styles look fantastic. Also, consider flared or bootcut jeans; these will help to even out the proportions on your bottom half. When it comes to jewelry, reach for the statement necklaces and the chunky drop earrings.

Don’t feel like you are ever restricted to certain cuts or styles based on your unique body type. Fashion is about having the conviction to take chances and express yourself. Wear what makes you feel beautiful and confident.

How do you dress for your unique body type?

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