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Jessica Wang wearing chic wardrobe staples featuring a yellow button up shirt with printed tights // Jessica Wang -

The Attico Poplin Shirt | Printed Leggings | Leather Mules Similar | Amina Muaddi Bag

New York is not only known for being the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps, but also the city with the most fashionable people you might ever lay eyes on. If you take a casual stroll through Soho, you will see an endless amount of fashionistas who are using the streets as their runway. It is such a great place to soak in some of their style inspiration. Generally, New Yorkers are best known for their sleek, sophisticated style that falls within the darker color story. Throughout my years of living in this amazing city, I have made my own observations and narrowed down the specific pieces that everyone seems to own. These items are a must-have in your wardrobe and are generally trend-less, meaning you can wear them for several seasons without a second thought. So without further ado, the chic wardrobe staples every New Yorker owns.

Jessica Wang wearing chic wardrobe staples featuring a black blazer with front slit pants // Jessica Wang -

Black Blazer

Of course, being this is the city that seemingly never sleeps and is constantly hustling and working in one way or another, a minimal black blazer just seems to be a no brainer. Who can blame us New Yorkers either? The blazer is the Holy Grail amongst all the types of outerwear options as the versatility is unbeatable. Meeting in the office at 9? Happy hour at 4? Brunch the next day at 11? All of these occasions and more call for a sophisticated black blazer.

Jessica Wang wearing chic wardrobe staples featuring a long coat with leather wide leg pants // Jessica Wang -

Long Coat

Being in a city that naturally requires an extensive amount of walking, the proper gear is obviously an essential piece to have within your arsenal. Rain, shine, or wind – one item that any New Yorker cannot live without is some variation of a long coat. For those who prefer something more timeless, a trench coat is in order. On the other hand, a long, draped jacket or even a faux-fur coat is a must for those who like to add a little bit more jazz into their everyday looks.

Jessica Wang wearing chic wardrobe staples featuring a zebra printed button up shirt // Jessica Wang -

Button Up Shirt

Admittedly, the button up is something that transcends just New York and is quite honestly one of those chic wardrobe staples that everyone needs to own. Wear it with denim for a chic weekend look, layer it under sweaters, or pair with a pencil skirt for any business related activities. I recommend starting with a white button up but feel free to tag on additional colors or patterns to round out your collection.

Jessica Wang wearing chic wardrobe staples featuring a textured jacket and wide leg pants // Jessica Wang -

Jessica Wang wearing chic wardrobe staples featuring a beige blazer and pant set // Jessica Wang -


Jeans are obvious chic wardrobe staples, but the close second I wanted to highlight specifically is the trouser. As we know how much the blazer is revered, so is its bottom counterpart. The trouser only continues to increase in importance as the years go by. I am declaring we can officially include it on this list. Much like the aforementioned blazer, the trouser can be worn both in formal and casual settings, making it an optimal addition to your closet.

Jessica Wang wearing chic wardrobe staples featuring a black blazer with black trousers // Jessica Wang -

Jessica Wang wearing chic wardrobe staples featuring a little black dress // Jessica Wang -


As mentioned earlier, the OG New Yorkers are known for relying on the color black for every single outfit. While I am obviously not known to be much of a black and white dresser myself, you cannot deny how sleek and sultry the little black dress looks on just about anyone. I highly recommend shopping around for your own perfect LBD. One that fits you like a glove and makes your confidence soar! You never know when you will randomly need to step out for a formal night out.

Jessica Wang wearing chic wardrobe staples featuring a fleece sweater with sweatpants // Jessica Wang -

Jessica Wang wearing chic wardrobe staples featuring a blue suit set with a crossbody bag // Jessica Wang -

Crossbody Bag

When it comes to accessories, all New Yorkers seem to have a crossbody bag. Not only for fashion reasons but just because this allows you to keep it close to your body. When in New York,

it is important to be alert at all times and a crossbody ensures your prized possessions stay close to you. Of course, this does not mean style needs to be sacrificed either! There are so many chic crossbody bags on the market.

Jessica Wang wearing chic wardrobe staples featuring a neutral blazer with a baseball cap // Jessica Wang -

Baseball Cap

Everyone and their mom owns a classic baseball cap in NYC. Whether you are a serious Yankees fan, an average normcore dresser, or an off-duty model, the baseball cap is the perfect solution for when you need to achieve that effortless style. These hats are also a blessing in disguise for bad hair days or for when you just want to be more incognito.

Jessica Wang wearing chic wardrobe staples featuring an oversized hoodie and yellow pants with neutral sneakers // Jessica Wang -

Neutral Sneakers

As mentioned previously, you cannot avoid walking a ton in New York. Yes, there are subways, taxis, and Ubers but no matter what, part of being a New Yorker is the hustle-and-bustle as you walk to the next destination. A comfortable pair of sneakers is a must when there are days when you are gallivanting all throughout the city. A neutral pair will allow you to get maximum style usage.

What chic wardrobe staples are you currently wearing?

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